Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hunny Bunch's Birthday Party in China!! and a few updates!

Hunny Bunch's 4th Birthday! - free slideshow maker with music

Ann from Red Thread China sent us a HUGE surprise! She said she would ask if they could take a couple pictures but also said there were no guarantees. When she sent us 23 pictures I couldn't believe my eyes! I know this is a little late but I had to do Sugar Pie's birthday post first.

Lets try to catch up on a few things while I'm here:

*26 more sleeps!

*Flights are booked! We leave Friday June 17th and arrive back home here on July 1st! Our son will be granted citizenship as soon as his feet hit Canadian soil! How fitting that it's on Canada Day!

*We get him the day after Father's day! What a perfect gift for Shane!

*I'm packed...well with the exception of Shane's clothes....I'm at him about it...I'm slowly sneaking clothes and packing them..so far he hasn't missed any. Shhhh!

*We are 24 days waiting for our Travel Approval.

*Waiting for our China travel Visa's to come back.

*We have 15 families coming on this trip! Lots are bringing their children along and many are Sugar's age so it will be wonderful for her.

*Sugar is super excited to bring her Didi home, she has a little countdown in his bedroom. She goes in each day and puts a sticker on the chart and says a little prayer for him! Melts my heart!

*I've been walking 10-12 km a day and trying to eat well. Feeling great!

*Hubby's doing lots of renos around the house, hopefully he'll accomplish of all the things he wants done before we go.

*I hope our weather takes a shift soon! It's still under 10 degrees here most days! BRRR!

*Lots of things changing in my friends lives....funny how the seasons of life change hey...I usually need time for changes...hope I find a new normal again soon.

*I am looking so forward to this summer, enjoying the weekends with my husband and children. Hopefully we'll have good weather on the weekends so we can BBQ lots!

Have a wonderful week friends!
God Bless you!


Kim said...

I am sooo happy for you my friend..
I love you soooo much and miss you more then words..
Hugz BFF...

redmaryjanes said...

He is just darling! I am so happy for you!

Adrian Roberta said...

Oh my goodness! His face with that 1st bite of cake was so precious! He just lit up! So excited for you and Patricia , leaving so so soon!!!

Briana's Mom said...

Awww, he is so adorable! These pictures are so amazing!

geminirn said...

OMG!!!!He is precious...cannot wait to see him in your arms,he is HANDSOMEEEEEE!!!!