Wednesday, July 24, 2013

As an advocate for orphans and vulnerable children I know the need is dire to help the least of these. At Operation Orphan Care we try to educate others about the desperate need to reach out and help in some way. We have said from the start that we know we can't do everything but we can do something. We also do what we can to spread the word on what other organizations are doing. VO is one such organization who has done so much and continues to be blessed by the work that God sends them out to do. They have answered the call and are putting their work boots on. They inspire me to do more. I once heard this quote, “We learned that orphans are easier to ignore before you know their names. They are easier to ignore before you see their faces. It is easier to pretend they’re not real before you hold them in your arms. But once you do, everything changes.” – David Platt. Then I thought, If we could only get more arms under these orphans....

Take a few moments to watch this clip and see more about this wonderful ministry. If you would like to know more please check out their web site HERE. If you feel compelled to help financially please do. If you can't at this time I know they will covet your prayers!

Although they work in many places around the world I'm most drawn to the work they do in China only because we have adopted our two children from there. I like what they have to say on their site about the work they do there.

"VisitingOrphans works with government run Social Welfare Institutes (SWI) to bring love and assistance to some of those 20 million children without families. Since 2005 we have sent over 30 teams from the US to visit these SWI's. Although the SWI's do all that they can to provide the best life for the children living there, assistance and help is still needed. Our missions teams don't go in with an agenda, they go in to serve and to love. Oftentimes on our trips all you will do for hours on end is hold infants who need the love and attention they deserve or play hide-n-go-seek with a group of six year old boys. It will truly be a life-changing and unforgettable experience. "

To serve and love!! The very call of Jesus right there!

Monday, April 01, 2013

Hi Blog World!!

Ok......Gosh it's been a LONG LONG time! Let's see if I can catch up a little tiny bit. These pictures were taken on the weekend. I thought I could put a caption under each picture but it looks like it's posting it in a collage. I'm not so sure how this new blogger and I will ge6t along but I'll give it a chance! I might just have to add one pic at a time next time to be able to post under it. :p

The top pic is Jac 25 now....(but still my little girl...always) She is doing great. Has been working as a stylist for 5 years now. Seems like only yesterday when I was 25 and she was coming with me to work on Saturdays...sitting on the floor of my salon while I was doing hair vowing to NEVER be a stylist! Famous last word huh! I'm so proud of my girl!

Ok so Sugar Pie and Hunny Bunch are in the first picture in the collage. Sugar Pie is 7 grade 1-2(soon to be 8) Hunny Bunch is 5 Kindergarten (soon to be 6). The sweet little blond in the next pic is our Grandbutton 4 heading to Kindergarten. They LOVE our Easter egg hunt. I actually enjoy it too... mostly for the photo op!

We planted little buckets of grass and we planted jelly beans in them and they grew lolly pops!

We also planted our Easter garden tomb, and it actually grew leaves on two crosses and a sand cherry bloom on the believers cross! It was such a faith builder project to do with the kids.

I finally after 3 years got Hunny Bunches 100 Good Wishes Quilt together.

Monday, June 18, 2012

One Year Forever Family day with Hunny Bunch!

I can't believe a year has passed but on the same note it feels like we've been a family for years!
            So blessed to be a wife, so blessed to me a Mom, so blessed to be a Nana!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Sugar Pie is 7!!!! Slow Down Hands of Time!

Gosh, can you believe it! Our Sugar Pie just turned 7. My post is late her big day was May 13th.
She has grown in so many ways. This little cutie who came into our lives 2 1/2 years ago didn't even know how to jump or walk down a set of steps is now running down steps, jumping rope and her all time FAVORITE toy is the playset Daddy built for them in the back yard, with it's newest addition "Monkey Bars"!! She has grown and matured so much! We are blessed everyday to see that sweet little smiley face asking for a hug every morning. We love you Sugar Pie!!
 Sugar requested cupcakes for her birthday so I made 2 dozen for her class and 2 dozen for her party. Aren't they presh!!
                                                        Her party theme was "Ladybug"
 Here are a few of the girls but painting their ladybug terra cotta pots. We also painted big clam shells like ladybugs for their gardens. We played ladybug themed games and then they didn't want to do anything else I had planned cause they were begging to go out to the playset.
So off they went....a dozen kids with a dozen cupcakes, bug juice and candy in their systems....working off the pent up energy. ;O).......I felt a little like "The Little Old Woman Who Lived in the Shoe".....and I liked it. LOL. All in all a perfect day for our sweet little Ladybug.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Hunny Bunch's 5th Birthday!!

 Hunny Bunch had a wonderful 1st birthday party. He talked about for weeks. Seems so hard to comprehend that he's 5 and has never had the experience of sharing his special day with friends and family.

He was very surprised to get a new bike and couldn't wait to try it out. We took him to the boardwalk and had to push him along so he could get the concept of peddling, by the 3rd trip there I had to tell him to slow down and wait for me!
Such a little sweet batman.
We decorated cups for snacks, played with dinky toys, colored, played with  playdoe and we painted a little canvas using the three primary Batman colors, yellow, blue and black. We had some very creative little artists!
Hunny Bunch loved his cake and couldn't wait to blow out his candles. His cake turned out great! I had fun making that one.
He loved his gifts and cards. Almost all of his cards had Superheros on them and no two were the same! All in all he had a fantastic day. He was completely wired for sound but slept like a trooper all night. Even Superhero's need a break sometimes. :o). What a blessing it was to give our little man his first birthday party North American style. I sure hope it's a fond memory for him for many many years to come. Their only little once, got to make memories that they will treasure!

Sorry I'm a week behind with this post, his birthday party was last Saturday. Shane was off this week and I started this post but didn't get to finishing it until now. This week we'll be preparing for Sugar Pie's birthday party. I can't believe she's gonna be 7! She asked for a Ladybug themed party! How fun will that be!!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lots of Firsts for Hunny Bunch!

Wow! Been almost 5 months since I blogged last, sorry about that, it can only mean I was either busy, having fun or both huh! I'd have to say both. By the looks of things blogger is all changed on me new too! What happened to my dashboard page!? I'll have to take some time and try to navigate around and see where everything is. In the mean time lets try to get caught up. I tried to line pics up from the most recent to the oldest. Here we go!
Hunny Bunch enjoyed his first Easter! He really understood the true meaning and loved Bible devotion time when he could help explain what happened to Jesus. I made a little garden tomb in a flower pot with real grass growing and the three little crosses so it was a very tangible way for both of the little ones to understand.
We still had snow on the ground Easter morning but that didn't stop us from hiding the Easter eggs outside for our egg hunt. Hunny Bunch, Sugar Pie and Miss K had a
blast. Hunny Bunch loved his first Easter so much he thought it would be a good idea to have it again....the next day. lol.
Such a sweet little boy. Makes Momma's heart swell.

His first Valentines day he loved every minute of it.
He got cards from all over! I put a status on my facebook saying how it would make his first Valentines day pretty special if  he was showered with cards! What a wonderful keepsake and memory for him. I did the same thing with Sugar Pie when she first came home.

Hunny Bunch opening his very first Christmas gift on Christmas morning. He was a little overwhelmed with so many and not being able to figure out what one to play with first. We all had a great holiday. Hard to believe that time last year we had just recieved his referral. Now here he was a year later enjoying on of our favorite family holidays. God is so good!
I love this pic of my grandbutton. She has certainly grown a lot in the last year. She become very independent. She is a smart little ticket! Jac is doing well also. (We bought her wedding dress for her ever-pending wedding!.....blowout sale ;O)) Hopefully there will be solid plans made for her big day soon!!
Sugar Pie and Hunny Bunch at his first Chinese New Year celebration here on the Island. He was quite taken with the men who did martial arts. He was copying them. May have to look into putting him into something of the like one day.
My all time favorite shot of the winter. The three of them had a blast playing in the snow. Rosy red cheeks and snotty noses and all those smiles warm my heart!

We weathered well threw the winter, we went to Chinese school every Saturday that we could. Enjoyed lots of time in the activity room and made lots of crafts. Sugar Pie had Sparks ever Thursday. Hunny Bunch and I do pre K here at home while Sugar goes off to  Gr. 1. He is reading at a grade 1 level. I can't seem to give him enough and he wants to learn more. He's coloring inside the lines and solid colors inside, it's beautiful coloring actually. He is reading grade 1 site words and can print all his uppercase letters. He can count to 40 and then some. We just finished doing short vowel sounds of all the vowels and it helps him pronounce little words when he gets stuck. He can read a level one book with little difficulty. I have him on the program and he loves it. If your looking to give your preschooler a little boost is another great program we use. Sugar Pie has ESL in school and I've found some stuff on line to help both of them at home here too, I figured I'd be a little proactive with Hunny Bunch. Just so hard to believe how much he has learned in the 9 months he's been home. Sugar Pie is doing well and enjoying school The teacher has been great to get her the extra little help she needs in reading recovery.  

Hunny Bunch had laminectomy surgery the first of March at the children's hospital here in the Maritimes. He got along good. He's a very fast healer. The dressing was off in a week and a half. However we had to rush him back to the hospital by ambulance a few days after we came home with an infection which was on the inside and not visible on the outside at all. In fact had he not been a little constipated and it was pushing up against the infection I would have never known cause he's not a complainer at all. We spent another week in hospital then 10 days on antibiotics and he's in tip top shape. Sugar Pie had the same surgery when she was in China. Brought tears to my eyes the other day when we were on the boardwalk for a walk, I was walking while the two of them were on their scooters ahead of me scooting along....I just praiseed the Lord that both of these sweet children could even walk let alone scoot!

So there you have it! Finally a little update to catch up with our journey. I'd hoped to have journaled much more so that Hunny Bunch would have more to look at in this blog one day but I do write in a journal every night so all is not lost.

Our little man turns 5 next week so come back again soon and I'll have a post on yet another first for Hunny Bunch! Until then here's the pic I used for his invits! Guess what theme his party is!?!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

This message is brought to you by
Ohh!! HELLO My sweet blogy friends! I'm still here and still alive, I'll update soon....I'll have to do a whopper of a post to catch up!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Photo update....lots of photo's!!

 Photo shoot at the old castles.
 Look out batman!
 The little ones with Old GiGi. My dad's Mom...she's still driving at 90-91!
 Cake I made for youth group birthdays.
 A visit to a sweet little hobby farm where "Arnie" the goat followed Hunny Bunch everywhere!
 Hunny Bunch getting his admittance braclet for dental surgery. He had a lot of work done. We figure his pain tollerance is pretty high since the next day he was back to normal! 5 silver caps, about a dozen filings and filed down between each tooth. He was filled with joy when he realized he could eat cold watermelon without his teeth being sensitive!
 Miss K can't get enough of Hunny Bunch.
 The munchkins.
 Local family arriving home with their new little son. Mr. E is a sweety!
 Our sprouts!
 About a hundred pics and finally got one with Miss K in it!!
 Sugar Pie's arm....see the puffy raised ring around it. Happens if she'd out in the cold and her skin is exposed. She had mittons on but snow got caught in her sleeve. Not sure what it is but it fades and goes away everytime.
 A not impressed HB about to get first 3 of 8 immunizations. He did great. Cried but once it was over he came around.
HB with his Big Jei Jei.
 The holly in my front yard, sooo pretty.
 Hicks Yew in my front yard.
 HB's ornimant from China.
 This one was for HB also. Nanfeng (where he's from) is known world wide for their beautiful seedless mandarines.
 Sugar Pie at her Christmas concert today.
 So cute!
 At this point I think she forgot some of the
Sugar and her Christmas tree.
Hunny Bunch and his Christmas tree.
 A close up without his silly faces. :P
 Striking a pose. :O)
Back to being silly. :o) Merry Christmas everyone!!!!