Sunday, May 06, 2012

Hunny Bunch's 5th Birthday!!

 Hunny Bunch had a wonderful 1st birthday party. He talked about for weeks. Seems so hard to comprehend that he's 5 and has never had the experience of sharing his special day with friends and family.

He was very surprised to get a new bike and couldn't wait to try it out. We took him to the boardwalk and had to push him along so he could get the concept of peddling, by the 3rd trip there I had to tell him to slow down and wait for me!
Such a little sweet batman.
We decorated cups for snacks, played with dinky toys, colored, played with  playdoe and we painted a little canvas using the three primary Batman colors, yellow, blue and black. We had some very creative little artists!
Hunny Bunch loved his cake and couldn't wait to blow out his candles. His cake turned out great! I had fun making that one.
He loved his gifts and cards. Almost all of his cards had Superheros on them and no two were the same! All in all he had a fantastic day. He was completely wired for sound but slept like a trooper all night. Even Superhero's need a break sometimes. :o). What a blessing it was to give our little man his first birthday party North American style. I sure hope it's a fond memory for him for many many years to come. Their only little once, got to make memories that they will treasure!

Sorry I'm a week behind with this post, his birthday party was last Saturday. Shane was off this week and I started this post but didn't get to finishing it until now. This week we'll be preparing for Sugar Pie's birthday party. I can't believe she's gonna be 7! She asked for a Ladybug themed party! How fun will that be!!!!

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Kim said...

LOVE the cake and sooo glad he had sooo much fun..
Can't wait to see SP's bday party..
Love you all to the moon and back...