Monday, April 01, 2013

Hi Blog World!!

Ok......Gosh it's been a LONG LONG time! Let's see if I can catch up a little tiny bit. These pictures were taken on the weekend. I thought I could put a caption under each picture but it looks like it's posting it in a collage. I'm not so sure how this new blogger and I will ge6t along but I'll give it a chance! I might just have to add one pic at a time next time to be able to post under it. :p

The top pic is Jac 25 now....(but still my little girl...always) She is doing great. Has been working as a stylist for 5 years now. Seems like only yesterday when I was 25 and she was coming with me to work on Saturdays...sitting on the floor of my salon while I was doing hair vowing to NEVER be a stylist! Famous last word huh! I'm so proud of my girl!

Ok so Sugar Pie and Hunny Bunch are in the first picture in the collage. Sugar Pie is 7 grade 1-2(soon to be 8) Hunny Bunch is 5 Kindergarten (soon to be 6). The sweet little blond in the next pic is our Grandbutton 4 heading to Kindergarten. They LOVE our Easter egg hunt. I actually enjoy it too... mostly for the photo op!

We planted little buckets of grass and we planted jelly beans in them and they grew lolly pops!

We also planted our Easter garden tomb, and it actually grew leaves on two crosses and a sand cherry bloom on the believers cross! It was such a faith builder project to do with the kids.

I finally after 3 years got Hunny Bunches 100 Good Wishes Quilt together.

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Adrian Roberta said...

Deb, crazy thought....would you add a 'subscribe by email' thingie to your blog? I am loving having all my fav Blogs emailed to me when they are updated! LOL I'm lazy I know. Blogger has one you can 'add' I don't know how, but other's have it. So want to see your gorgeous family growing while we're in China....