Monday, May 16, 2011

Slide Show from Sugar Pie's Birthday Party

Sugar Pie Turns 6 - Free Slideshow Maker

As promised here are the pictures from Sugar Pie's birthday Party. We had it at the SuperStore grocery store in their cooking room. The kids got to make their own little pizza, they chopped up all the toppings and spread it over their crust. Then they were each given a 8 inch chocolate cake and a TON of icing and WAY too much candy! Our daughter isn't used to all that sugar at all. She had one cupcake and we knew it wouldn't take her long before a sugar crash kicked in. She opened her gifts and blew out her candles on her little cupcake cake and as I suspected she turned flush in the face and her eyes started to droop. By the time we got home she was pretty much asleep in my arms going up the house steps. She had a great day and was very blessed by everyone who shared her special day. The best part about having it at the community cooking school is I didn't have to clean up and run around like crazy....wait!...why did I then? LOL....must be the mom in me. :o)...can't wait until our son is home so he will have fun parties like this! Our Little grandbutton is at a fun age for birthday parties too!!


Adrian Roberta said...

That looks like so much fun, I so should do that for JadePing!!!

3D said...

What a great party!!!

Keep smilin!

Kim said...

LOVE the slideshow.. Looks like a great time..
Love you tons..
I am working on my blog.. be up soon..

Debz said...

Ok Kim! Tried 3 times to leave comments on your blog and it's kicking me off!