Tuesday, May 31, 2011

18 more sleeps!

~@ Happy June!!!! Sugar Pie is soooo ready to bring her little brother home this month!!! She can't wait to share the sandbox with him! We just added 7 bags of the colored Crayola to it! It's so pretty! We also bought an outdoor tampoline and a season pass to the water park so we are ready for the summer to begin!!! We just need little brother Hunny Bunch!!

~@ 18 more sleeps!....if only I could sleep as well as this little guy above! One of the couples at our church gave this to Sugar Pie for her birthday. The husband is a wonderful photgrapher.

~@ He took this picture as well. This snowy owl made frequent apperances last winder but this year we only seen him the once. I told them about it and the hubby spent hours out in the area tryig to get a good shot of him. I'm tickled pink to have this rare shot of him.

~@ I made this cake for a lady who's hubby loves his '68 Dodge Dart. This was an actual photo of his car scanned onto an icing sheet.

~@ Here is the lap quilt I made for the end of Hunny Bunch's bed. Sugar Pie has one and drags it around with her on cool nights. It's a great blanket for taking outside to sit one and snuggle in on a chair with...looking forward to lots of nights by the fire pit staring up at the stars!

~@ If anyone is interested in swaping fabric or just wants to add one to Hunny Bunch's 100 good wishes quilt let me know! I think I'm up to 65 so I need 35 more and I can get started on his.

~@ If your not sure what a 100 Good Wishes Quilt is click HERE and you can read about it.

Have a great week!!


The Drinkwaters said...

How exciting, you are almost there!

Sherri said...

awesome news...that 18 days will just fly by!

Adrian Roberta said...

I can't beleive you're leaving so soon!!! Have fun with Patricia , she is a Blast!

Kim said...

LOVE the blanket and the color in the sand box is WONDERFUL.. How fun..
I love you guys and miss you soooo much..
I hope I get to come and see you soon..