Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring is in the air!

Last Sunday we had our grandbutton for the day. She's 2 1/2 and full of laughs and giggles. She's so brave and willing to try anything once. Last year she was too small for the play set but this year she's loving it! She loves her baby swing. It was funny watching her trying to walk when she got off it though, she had sea legs and fell a couple of times.
Sugar Pie wanted to be everywhere at once, she just couldn't decide between the swing, monkey bars, slide, ladder, sandbox or wagon! She just went from one to the other to the other....I had to ask her for a break! So we blew bubbles and they chased them for a while. :o)

Sugar Pie loving her new jean jacket. I love that cheesy grin. You can't really see in this picture but she has the multi colored hair tinsel in her hair. Pretty hip!

I just had to post the inside of the cake that was in my last post. Isn't it pretty!
Ok so while we were waiting for her sticky snow prayer to come to fruition I thought it would make sense to use the little bit of snow that was in the back yard to make a little snow man....I was thinking that perhaps God made me step in the snow that was melting to show me it was sticky...He would have been delivering in the prayer request from Sugar Pie just not the way we thought...which is typical of God right??......just trying to help Him out......and build not only a snowman bit a little girls faith....apparently He didn't need my help...she did get her sticky snow...which fell from the heavens...just like she had expected......who needs their faith built hey? :o/

Here is the material I'm using to make "Hunny Bunch" a little quilt for the end of his bed. I made a quilt for my big girl and Sugar Pie now I'm making one for him. I love the lighter prints with the Chinese writing all over it. I have it almost finished. I wanted it good, strong and warm so I used an old vullex blanket to fill it rather than a cotton fill.

We heard from our agency that the next group to leave for China will likely be June 9th so we started a countdown in Hunny Bunches room. Each day we'll but a sticker on the calender and pray for him in his room. Still waiting on that LSC! 55 more days to June 9th!

Little boy blue come to your home, your mama is waiting, no more shall you roam, your daddy he loves you, your sisters do to, God is your Shepard, He will look after you, so stay safe in China until it's your turn, so much to look forward to, so much to learn, we love you already, you have so much support, be a good boy a whole new life is waiting to start. -Crystal G (my friend after she seen my status on facebook counting down to "Little Boy Blue".


3D said...

What sweet and sassy girls! I hope that HB is in your arms in June if not sooner!!

Keep smilin!

Kim said...

LOVE all the photos.. the cake looks soooo yummy..
I can't wait to see my Nephew in the pictures.. and it makes me sad to see Sugar growing up sooo fast..
Love you and miss you sooo much

Madeleine said...

Someone needs to explain to me HOW I MISSED THESE PICTURES??!!??!??!!

I love 'em.

And the sticker idea?? Brilliant!!

Keeping yous in my prayers dear friend.

Kelly said...

I must ask where did you get these fabrics from? I'm also adopting a little boy from China and live on PEI. I would love to be able to do something like this for our little one.

Kelly said...

Thanks for the infromation. Might head there on the weekend!