Saturday, April 02, 2011


Sugar Pie prayed for one more snow fall of sticky snow so she could make one last snowman. I did my best to find some summer things to put on her. LOL. Now we pray for the snow to go away and for the sun to come out and warm us up! Bring on the sandcastles!!
I made this one for us. It's rainbow cake inside. I used 6 different colors. It's really pretty and tastes yummy!
Thanks Kim for the Chinese zodiac stamps, the sweet card, the pics of the boys (my honorary nephews <3 ) and the military Bible. I love the inscription inside from *N*.
This face makes me smile, she's sporting another hat my mom made for her. She loves getting her picture taken. I gotta learn more about my camera so I can get some really nice shots.

Was a nice weekend. I went to the Pricilla Shirer simulcast on Saturday. She is a wonderful author and women's conference speaker. She did a teach on how God interrupts our lives and how it's an invitation to do His will in our lives rather than our own plan and how it can be inconvenient but it's always better in the end than our own agenda. How to let Him be in control. She also gave us wonderful study tips.

Finished reading "Choosing to See" by Mary Beth Chapman. I actually read it in 5 days. Every chance I had it was in my hands. If you ever get a chance to read it please do!

Congrats to all the families who have finally received referrals! We started out with a June 16th LID and switched 2 years ago. If we were still in the regular program we would have missed the cut off by one day! I'm thrilled for my sweet friends. Some are still waiting for pictures and others waiting for the phone to ring! Such an exciting time!

Sugar Pie and I put together Hunny Bunch's toy box today. We put it in his room and put some of his toys in it. Our suitcases are in his room waiting to be filled. I hope we hear soon when we will travel. I'm sooooo glad we are where we are in the process. If we didn't (I'm sure we will LORD WILLING) get our TA before August 1st some of the new changes that the CC@@ has placed into effect would have effected us.

I think I need to start a countdown calender for Sugar Pie. That way she can actually see how far or near we are to bringing him home. (ok maybe me too)lol!

Brought our grandbutton to church today. She is getting so big. She is such a little sweety. She didn't want me to leave her in Sunday school at first so I stayed and made a craft with her and listened to the story then she was ok with me going to sit with Papa for a bit. I have to get a recent picture of her, you wouldn't believe how much she's grown! She is 2 1/2 and wearing the clothes we had Sugar Pie in when she was first home with us!

Gosh can you believe it's April! SPRING is in the air! Easter is a commin!!!


Kim said...

Love the snow.. love the hats that your Mom is making .. .tooo cute..
You are soooo welcome for everything..
I soooo am going to go buy that book for my beach trip.. hopefully I can get it read in the 5 days that I am there..
LOVE YOU and MISS YOU soooo much..
I could kick myself for switching phones.. Love my Iphone but don't love not talking to you everyday..
A part of me is missing..

asiangarden said...

Oh that is great!! I hope you get the word to travel soon!!!