Thursday, March 24, 2011

Steven Curtis Chapman Concert!!

My husband and I went to see Steven Curtis Chapman last night and I'm so blessed that we did. He is such an inspiration. Shane and I many times had tears in our eyes as he shared his family's story of the loss of their sweet little Maria. It's amazing how God is using their story to touch the hearts of so many. Steven's 2 sons and one of their friends have a band named "Caleb" who opened up for him.
Geoff Moore is on tour with Steven. I didn't realize until last night that Geoff and his wife have also adopted from China. They have two girls. It's so beautiful to see both these men on stage talking about adoption and how much they love their family and their wife's. I'm pretty sure a lot of men left there vowing to be better fathers and husbands after these two poured out their hearts about how God weaved their families together. The tour is partnered up with Compassion Canada and after Geoff spoke about his experience in Haiti the Compassion team handed out packets of sponsor children to those who wanted one. I was overwhelmed with how many people put their hands up to receive them! We've had our sponsor child from Compassion Canada for 4 years now and it's been such a joy to see and hear how well he is doing!
While I'm writing I'm trying to download the Cinderella song video that I took last night but I'm not convinced it's going to work. I'm just trying to use the Blogger video up loader. If it doesn't work no biggy. Shane was in tears listening to that one. My darling husband has such a sweet spirit ;O).
Went shopping before the concert and found this little treasure!! I needed a new belt buckle and I thought I would see if they had the China flag. I was so excited they had one!!! If they didn't I would have got the Calgary Flames one (hockey). I did a little Easter shopping for Sugar Pie, Hunny Bunch and Miss K as well.

I don't know what happened to me but at one time I hated purple! Sugar Pie looks so beautiful in purple I think it's wearing off on me! I now have a purple, Bible, phone, Kindle case, laptop case and now this! I couldn't resist getting a Steven Curtis Chapman t-shirt. I also picked up his wife's (Mary Beth Chapman) book "Choosing to See". Looking forward to reading how God is still helping them through their loss. Steven thanked the audience multiple times for our prayer coverage. I remember doing a blog post of them after their tragedy struck. Hard to believe it happened 3 years ago...the pain still feels so raw.
Sugar Pie got along great at her grandparents for the night. It was her very first sleep over! Nanny said she did wake up crying but she was able to comfort her. It was nice to have a little get away with my husband, we needed that time together without the worry of a curfew. :o)
Well I've been trying to upload my little video for almost an hour now and it's still trying so I don't think it's going to work.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
Oh! Got an email from our agency again! I asked when our LID was and she said March 1st! I know it really doesn't matter since we already have our referral for our son but I like to document all these little milestones. ;O)


Kim said...

LOVE the China belt buckle.. looks like you had a great time.. glad you could get away and have some alone time..
love you tons..
can't wait for my nephew to get home..

Catherine said...

Congratulations on your LID! One step closer to brining your adorable little guy home!

It's wonderful to hear of the concert. I'm going to the one in Toronto tomorrow night with a few bloggy friends. Cannot wait!!!

Adrian Roberta said...

He's coming to Ottawa this weekend and we're planning on going aswell as the whole 'End the wait' Conference that is traveling with him. I just know I'm going to be a basket case curing the concert. I think all the pent up anxiety over the past few months will come *pouring* out.

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

sounds fabulous!


the meaklims said...

We went to the Ottawa concert this day last week.

It was incredible and very emotional too. I loved everything about Geoff Moore...I thought he was fabulous and an amazing singer and incredible that he has such a huge heart for orphans and underpriviledged children.

The Lord has given the Chapmans all so much strength through an incredible trial.