Monday, March 21, 2011

Update :o( and Cutness :o)

EDIT!:LSC on it's way! Now wait for Travel Approval. Agent called orphanage director, Hunny Bunch knows he has a family and he's very excited!!!! He has a foster sibling who will be adopted soon. Agency say's possible travel mid June. (every changing..sooner the better!) Did you read the part where I said " he knows he has a family and he's very excited!!!!" It's a great day!

Well, I didn't want to do a post and just have it be bad news so I'm adding some cuteness to buffer the blow.
We sent an email to our agency and they confirmed that we would indeed NOT be traveling to bring our "Hunny Bunch" home for his 4th birthday. (April 28th). They guestimate the next group will be the end of May. I was bummed to hear but at the same time part of me was relieved to just have an answer and not be uncertain. (To be blatently honest and transparent my monthly was two weeks late and an hour after the email came with our answer it started :o/.... ) We will still celebrate him on his birthday. We'll do something special and document it for him to see.
Now on to some cuteness. Sugar Pie is off school for March break. We went to visit Nanny June and look what Nanny made for her! It's adorable! It matches her petty coat she wears to church.

Me playing with my 28-70 lens.

Went out and picked up a couple of new luggage pieces. The bottom of my closet was beginning to collect travel items so I thought I'd better clean it up. It was a little exciting packing up those few items actually!
Lovin' Nanny June. My mom is so sweet. I don't think she'll ever truly understand how much I adore and respect her. She has taught me so much in life. I don't think she gives herself the credit she rightly deserves as a mom who raised 3 children on her own. I know she is proud of us all in different ways....wonder how she thinks we got here though... :o) I love my mommy.
My Momma, Sugar Pie's name sake. Love those my mommy's come I didn't get them!
Another first for Sugar Pie. Yesterday was her first time at a theatre. We went to see Yogi Bear. She loved the popcorn! She was fine for the first 30 minutes then started to wiggle. That's a long time for a 5 year old to sit in one place....expecially when it was her first time. She managed to make it to the end though!
I'm a little pumped for tomorrow! We are going shopping then............... to see Steven Curtis Chapman!!!!! I'll blog about it when we get back. This will be Sugar Pie's first time having a sleep over with Nanny. (or anywhere for that matter) The concert is in New Brunswick (about 1 1/2 hrs away) in the next province so we booked a room for the night. We'll be going out for a nice meal before going to the concert too. Yup a real date! Imagine that! Did I mention shopping?......Sugar doesn't do this while the mice play....this cat's gonna go shoppy!!!!
And yes Steven Curtis Chapman is the highlight of the trip...well the date is too....ok I think I'm going to like it all. Te He!


The Drinkwaters said...

Yes! So happy to hear your LSC is on it's way. Hope you will be able to travel in Mid-June, it sounds as if you have a very excited little boy waiting for you.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Well, I'm glad your LSC is on the way, but sad that you have to wait to travel a bit longer. Then again, we might be in China by late May/ early June. Who knows...