Tuesday, March 15, 2011

End Of Winter Fun.

I made this cake for a family who are having a baby shower for their new son. I really enjoyed putting this one together. It turned out cute. It's a chocolate cake with mocha butter cream filling. I nibbled on the scraps I cut off and I have to say I was a little iffy about the mocha butter cream but it was really quite yummy with chocolate cake!
We went to work with Daddy on Friday in Halifax. Sugar found the 3 hour drive to be long but she was well occupied with watching movies on her DVD player. While we were there we went shopping. I found a child's "Message" bible translated by Eugene Peterson for "Hunny Bunch". We picked up a few other things for him too. Daddy found the "Wok and Roll" game which is way cute. It's a motorized bowl with shapes inside that you have to take out and put into smaller bowls with chop sticks. Whoever gets the most out wins. We thought it would be a lot of fun to play as a family. "Sugar Pie" has 7 Zhu Zhu pets so we thought we would get "Hunny Bunch" one also.
We all went down to have out travel needles done for when we go to China. (Still no word :o(....). After the evaluation they decided Daddy had his all up to date. Sugar Pie had to get 2 needles and I had to get one. I went first to show her how brave I was then she went. She cried but was still very brave. They couldn't do the 2 needles at once so one went into each arm. She was pretty sore. When we got home my poor little babe had a little nap.
At Sparks last week they had a Hawaiian Luau. They all had grass skirts and flowers in their hair. They learned to sing and dance and make fruit kabobs. Sugar loved it.
We went on a horse and sleigh ride on Sunday. It was soooo beautiful outside. I've been on horse and carriage rides before but this was the first time on a sleigh ride. It was beautiful. Afterwards we went to the cabin and had Tim Bit donuts with a couple of other families we went with and some hot chocolate.
Such a daddy's girl. I love this picture. I wish so much Jac and Miss K could have been with us for this. I would have loved to get a picture of all of us together enjoying this!

Lastly, outside the cabin there were maple trees tapped in to receive the slow drip of liquid that comes from them. Those pail will probably take a good month to fill then it will be transformed into a beautiful reddish brown syrup which is so popular here in Canada for putting on our pancakes and baking with our beans. It is used for making Maple candy, tea, and ice cream also. If you have never had true Canadian maple syrup you don't know what your missing!.....hey, I wonder what a Maple butter cream icing would taste like!? Might have to try that!


The Drinkwaters said...

You should take this opportunity to stock up on maple syrup items to take a gifts to China! We took some candies and little bottles of syrup to add to our gift bags.

Still keeping our fingers crossed that you get your next travel document soon.

Adrian Roberta said...

waiting on baited breath for your TA!.... I hear Yulin in home for 2 weeks then off again with another travel group for April. Mabie you'll be June's Group!

Canada to China and back! said...

Oh I can't wait to follow you to China!!! That cake is amazing! Mmmm maple butter cream would be delish. Thanks for saying "hello" on our blog.:)


Canada to China and back! said...

Hey I just noticed you made one of our travel buddies child's birthday cake! What a small world.:) We were all in awe of the pictures on facebook last year.:)


Kim said...

LOVE the photos..
Especially Daddy and Sugar...
I love that syrup... we need some more..
and more tarts...
Love you guys to the moon and back and miss you tons..