Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Little Boy Blue!

Today is a little bittersweet. Our son turns 4 today and I'm both happy and sad. Happy for him cause who doesn't like having a birthday when they are a child!...... and sad cause I'm selfish and want to spend it with him...I wanted to make his cake, I wanted to be the one to wake up up this morning by singing him Happy Birthday, I wanted to plan his first birthday party with his forever family, I wanted to watch him open his gifts, I wanted to see his eyes light up, I wanted to give him birthday hugz and kisses....I will make it up to all of us.

We'll celebrate his birthday by going out for supper and decorating the house with blue balloons.

We tried to get a hold of our agency before they left on the last trip to send something to him but we were unsuccessful. I hope today he is treated extra special. I so hope that they take pictures today with the disposible cameras I sent a couple of months ago.

Happy Birthday Sweet Little Boy...We can't wait to meet you! We pray for you everyday! I hope your day is filled with happiness and joy! Please know we are coming for you as soon as we can!
We love you so much!

Half A World Away
By Jill Marshall-Work

Half a world away
Sometimes it seems we're so far apart
But a half a world away
Is not too far for a journey of the heart
My little one, my precious joy
I'm waiting for you
My precious son, my little boy
I know you're waiting too

Half a world away
A child waits for a family of his own
While a half a world away
A family waits to come bring him home

My little one, my precious joy
I'm whispering a prayer
My precious son, my baby boy
I hope to soon be there

Half a world away
So many miles to bring you home at last
And half a world away
So many months of waiting are past.

My little one, my precious joy
You're fin'ly home to stay
My precious son, my little boy
We celebrate this day...

Knowing we will no longer be
half a world away.

Copyright words and music 1999 Jill Marshall-Work


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

next year will be different. Hang in there Mommy. I hope your "little boy blue" is having a good day.


Tricia said...

Happy Birthday to your little man!! So sorry you are not there to celebrate.

Cora said...

Happy Birthday Little Boy Blue!! I hope that he has a wonderful day so far away and so little bit of him knows his family can not wait to give him belated birthday hugs!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday my Sweet Nephew..
I sooo cannot wait to see you with Mommy,Daddy and your Sisters..
You are sooo loved and you will never have this Auntie miss a Birthday..your Birthday is forever embedded in my brain..
Love ya