Friday, April 29, 2011


EDIT!!!! Just got the call! 60 day wait is over! Our Provincial Adoption Coordinator just called and our LOA/LSC is here! Signing Monday morning!
My sweet sister surprised me with a treat at my door the other day when I got home. She presented it to me as an award. She calls it my "Big Girl of the year award" for the way I handled the news about when the next travel date would be. (perhaps it looked more graceful than it really was a choice to know it's all in God's hands although my flesh was still crying out in self pity..) It's a chocolate countdown! Each box has two of my favorite chocolates in them, mint and cherry!

We are assuming (prayerfully) our LOA/LSC and TA will be here in time to travel in the July 9th group which leaves us with 71 days to go. We have been waiting for 60 days for our LOA/LSC. Our agency's last group just arrived back to Canada yesterday. Welcome home families! We are hoping that they have out LOA with them...I'm too afraid to ask...been pestering too much lately so I'll wait a couple weeks and see what they can tell me if they don't contact me before hand.

Sugar Pie and I had a little celebration for Little Boy Blue yesterday, we bought him a few things and had cake. The two outfits shown are from his Nanny June and Aunt Dorly from Easter. I was a little sad that I couldn't get ahold of our agency in sufficient time to have something sent to him. I was on a yahoo group for families who have adopted from the same place and they gave me the info below which has made my day today!! I LOVE our adoption yahoo groups!

Thank you Anne at Red Thread for making it possible for our son to have a birthday celebration. She will send him a cake, a card, with a translated letter to him inside!!! As well as a camera so they can capture this special occasion! I wish I would have found her a couple of days earlier so that he could have had it yesterday but I'm sure he won't mind! I'm so excited and happy!

Dear Ke Xin,
Hi sweet boy, we are hoping you had a nice birthday with your foster Mama and Baba. We can't wait to see you. We have pictures of you in almost every room and see them everyday but it will be so much better when you are here in person to fill our home with happiness. I love that KeXin means Happiness cause you have brought our home that for sure and your not even home yet! We have your room all ready for you and we can't wait to wake up every morning and see your handsome little face! We love you so much already that our hearts are bursting with joy! Sometimes when Mama thinks about you she cries happy tears. Mama and Baba talk and think about you every day. We're looking forward to reading you stories and playing with you. Mama loves to cook and play. Daddy loves to build things and he's looking forward to having a little helper! We have swings, a slide and a sandbox with a playhouse in the back yard and we're looking forward to spending lots of time playing out there with you and your sister.
We are waiting for China to send us a couple more papers then we will be able to come and bring you home! Mama and your sister decorated the house yesterday (you birthday) with balloons and we had some cake to celebrate you. We found a way to send you and your foster family a little treat to celebrate with you. We're so grateful to your foster parents for taking care of you and loving you. We could never express that enough. We will send them pictures and update them on how you are doing as often as you wish. Enjoy your cake and have someone take some pictures of you with your foster family and all the things that you like so that when you want to remember them we will always have those pictures in your room for you to look at anytime you like. I'm so excited to finally meet you when we go to China! We will see so many wonderful things there before we come home to Canada. A Zoo, the Great Wall, Summer Palace, Tiamien Square, where they held the 2008 Olympics and so much more! So until we get there, sleep well and have sweet dreams my sweet boy, and know in your heart that your family is coming for you soon. There is a whole new adventure here awaiting you and we have so much love to share.

We love you! Mama, Baba, Jaclyn and Chun Yang


Adrian Roberta said...

firstly, the chocolate countdown is brillant!
secondly, I love Ann aswell, Ping adores the b-day photos that were taken during her last party there (1 month before we met)
thirdly.....I am so hoping and believeing with you that you are going girl!!!

The Drinkwaters said...

Hoping this doesn't post twice!

We sent a care package to Sylvie for her birthday using a different service Lady Bug's N' Love. We treasure the photos we received from Sylvie's birthday when she was still in China. We even sent a birthday care package to Mary, and it wasn't even her birthday - I mean who doesn't enjoy cake any time of the year?!

Kim said...

You are almost there Sister..
Love you sooo much and miss you ..
Wish I was at the airport when you arrive home.. but one day I will meet my nephew..
Love you ..
Count down to China...

Heather said...

I'm sure his 5th birthday will be just as you imagine it will be - with him in your arms! :)