Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Recap

~@ We were at the mall.....I remembered they used to have a booth set up at Easter time in the past to have your picture taken with the Easter Bunny...we went looking....we found him...Sugar Pie was super dooper excited.....we waited in a huge line up....forEVAH....she kept asking if we were almost there...I thought she would burst with excitement...then it was finally our turn and as she went up on the little platform I felt her put her breaks on...she turn around and tears were pouring down here face...she wouldn't go near him! She wanted me to sit with we let a couple of people go ahead of us then we tried it again...she was all geared up to strut right over and sit beside him...then she froze again! I asked the photographer if he could zoom in and crop me out if I sat with her and he said yes.....he didn't...he just moved the camera over a little to the right...see there's my hands on her leg trying to push her over toward him. I did manage to get a little smile out of her before she started again. Sheesh, she wasn't afraid of Santa at all! Poor child, she'll never forgive me for this...but this picture will certainly come in handy on a future wedding day! (of course that is if there are any single 40 year olds left out there when she's allowed to 40..) :o)

~@ Our children....makes me smile. Jac and Sugar Pie are coming down the slide and Ty and Miss K are waiting to catch Sugar Pie. She loves her big sister and niece. She loves her brother in law Tyler too. He was playing with her in the living room at dinner...made my heart swell. He's got such a big and tender can see it in his eyes.

~@ Sugar Pie on the hunt! I was so glad the rain held off! This is my favorite part for the little ones!

~@ Miss K enjoyed it much more this year! It will be so much fun with the 3 of them next year!!!!

~@ We had my family over for a meal. I made seafood chowder. We had biscuits and sourdough bread with spinach dip and a yummy punch. My Mom made a nice raspberry shortcake.

~@ The little ones opened all their little gifts. My Mom and sister each bought a gift for Little Boy Blue too!

~@ Jac and Miss K came to church with us. The service was really nice. I always want my children to remember the true reason as to why we celebrate it. It's not about the chocolate or the eggs. It's about the sacrifice God made when He gave His ONLY begotten that we could have an eternal life if we believe in Him and accept Him into our hearts. I'm so very grateful for His grace and favor on us. I pray that what we offer to Him will leave a lasting legacy to our children and their children and that we would model a close walk with the Father in a way that will not seam complicated but rather second nature to our children.

~@ Thank you Lord for your new mercy's and grace each day.

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Kim said...

Looks like a WONDERFUL Day..
Love you to the Moon and Back..
Love me some seafood chowder..
Miss you sooo much../
can't believe it has almost been a year..