Friday, March 11, 2011


*First thing I want to say is a BIG Happy 40Th to my sweet forever friend Kim! I so wished I could have been with her for her special day. I hope you have a SUPER WONDERFUL day tomorrow!!!!! You have no idea how much I miss you. Hop over and wish her a Happy Birthday here! LIVE, Love And Laugh Sweet Kim!!

*Tomorrow the time springs ahead an hour. This makes me very happy. Our winter hit only days after Christmas and we have had snow every week since! We usually have a week or so during the winter when things thaw out and melt but we didn't have that this winter which made it for a LONG cold one. 9 More days and 7 hours and it's spring!!!!
*I was in the kitchen a couple of days ago and Sugar Pie said she wished we could make one last snowman before the winter is over. I told her we would need sticky snow so she came over to me held my hands, bowed her head and said "Dear Jesus, please send sticky snow, Amen" as much as I hate to see anymore of the white sticky or otherwise stuff I will continue to pray with her for at least one more fall...even if it's only in our yard...and no local donations please!!! LOL.

*Sugar Pie got her report card this week and I had her parent teacher interview. I am forever amazed at how this child who's first 4 years of life were spent in China has adapted and caught up to the other children in her class. There are very few things that she struggles with in the class room. Most of them have nothing to do with the work itself.

*Below are a couple of other cakes I did this week. Not sure if I explained what I do with the money from my cakes but I've been donating the product, my time and all the money to the Chinese orphanage donation. My goal is to hit at least 3000.00 with my cakes, Uganda necklaces and my scented wax tarts. These last 2 cakes I made helped me hit 1000.00!! Ps. If your interested in one of the necklaces I have them on my side bar!!? Let me know!

* My sweet little sister just got back a week ago from a mission trip to Haiti. She experienced many things that she hasn't before, including a lot of her own emotions that she wasn't expecting to have. They stayed at an orphanage and I think the anticipation was sweeter than the hold a child who is absorbing the comfort of you warm loving arms holding them while their dear little chests wheeze filled with infection caused by the smoke and soot the open coal pits that they use to cook meals with is heartbreaking. She is forever changed and has a new perspective in life....mind you she is still sorting out everything that she is feeling inside. I asked her if she would do a guest post about the things she seen and experianced while staying at the orphanage. I'll put together a post soon.
*Haven't heard from our agency yet. From what I've heard there is only one group traveling in April and possibly not another group until June. I have heard of people getting 2 weeks notice so If that's the way it happens with us we have about another week and couple of days to go before I loose hope of bringing "Hunny Bunch" home this spring. Praying!
*Looking forward to our local China adoption group getting together this Sunday, if the snow doesn't totally melt away we are going for a horse and sleigh ride!!! Been looking forward to this for weeks!!
* Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Have a good weekend, yourself!


Adrian Roberta said...

I am so happy for your upcoming trip, I wonder which group you'll be in!!!

Kim said...

Hey Debz, just curious on how many families have adopted from China in P.E.I.? I am not sure of any groups in NB, but I am sure there must be some? Hopefully we will be able to connect with one before we bring our daughter home.

Patricia and the gang said...

Hey there, nice that you have a local China adoption group. I wish our group was closer together, but we're all over the place.
I haven't heard anything from FOI this week, all WAAAYYYY to quiet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Alyson and Ford said...

Love the cakes - you are so talented! And generous. Happy for all that is going on with you (except more snow!). Hoping you get adoption news soon!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

The Drinkwaters said...

Hoping you hear soon! Love the "shoe" cake!