Monday, February 14, 2011

New Pictures and an update!

1st of all let me say HAPPY VALENTINE'S Day to you all!

We just received an update on "Hunny Bunch" on Friday, and new pictures! He is doing well, learning how to speak a few English words in preschool (believe it or not) he can say: banana, apple, Mommy, Daddy, pear, orange, cat etc. He sounds very smart. They were able to get us a translated MRI report from his Meningocele so that is wonderful news.
They also gave us his current measurements: Height 97 cm, weight 14 kg, head circumference 49 cm, chest circumference 48 cm, foot: 15 cm, teeth: 28......everything sounds about right except for the amount of teeth! Sugar Pie is almost 6 and only has 20. Is it possible for a 3 1/2 yr old to have 28 teeth? I only have 24! Perhaps they miscounted lol. I was able to go shopping and get some lil' boy clothes finally!!!
I emailed our agency back with a few questions. One of which was is this his foster Momma in the picture or just one of the nanny's at the orphanage preschool. It would be nice to have a photo for him of his foster family.
This is a more recent photo of him. The date on the picture was Jan. 31st. He looks so proud and serious! It's nice to see him leaning his weight over on that one leg. His balance must be good and his Meningocele isn't affecting it.
Now the last picture was encouraging but this one near made me cry, it was so exciting to see that he is running! Aww! You can only imagine that this would be a dream to see him run into my arms like this the day we finally meet him. I know it's unrealistic as I'm sure he will be afraid and timid on Gotcha Day but one can dream.
I know when I introduced him on my blog for the first time I was so excited I didn't edit and realized later I said he was from Nanchang CWI but he is from "Nanfeng" CWI, which is about 3 hours from Nanchang. We'll be staying in Nanchang.
We don't yet have a definite travel date, we are still waiting for our LSC (Letter seeking confirmation) from China. Agency says if we get it by mid March we will probably be in the April group. Which is tres exciting!!!! We can't wait to bring our boy home!!!!

Wednesday is Teacher's Appreciation day at Sugar Pie's school so I volunteered to help set up and I got crafty and made them each a little "Thank You" treat. I converted my Cricut Cake machine over to a scrap booking one by changing the blade and using a paper mat rather than the icing sheet one. Worked great!
Lastly I just wanted to show you my new laptop. My sweet hubby knew my other one was almost maxed out with holding pictures and this puppy has more drive space and more capabilities. Thank you sweet Black Beauty for the unexpected but MUCH appreciated gift! I adore you and you didn't have to spoil me but you know it will be put to good use!
Sugar Pie had her Valentine's Party at school on Friday and was soooo excited. She was bouncing as she came off the bus, could hardly wait to show me all her treats! I should have taken my camera to school and took a picture of her. Shoot!


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

There was nothing sweeter then getting updated photos and he is so handsome...

A Mom- In-W8ing said...

Yay for updates!! The wait after receiving that first picture is so hard. I remember getting updates before traveling and they were a blessing to my sanity. I hope everything works out and you can travel in April…that would be fantastic!

Smiles! :o)

Madeleine said...

I am in love.


And yAy for new computers!!!

Colleen said...

He has such a cute smile! :)

Kim said...

LOVE ...LOVE....LOVE the new photos..
My Nephew is looking good.. love that smile.. love the new laptop.. I need one bad.. Hugz..
Love ya big..
Miss you tons..

a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, my... that running photo where he is all smiles. That made me grin. Congrats on getting so, so close.

geminirn said...

Oh my I just love the updated photos,he is so friggin cute,love the one of him running with that beautiful smile.keeping every thing crossed for you for a speedy travel.
Hugs from across the waters

Alyson and Ford said...

Love it that you have updated photos - so recent! You must be so happy in anticipation! Congrats!
Happy Valentine's Day - glad it was sweet!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

L said...

Hey ya Gorgeous!!! Oh My Goodness!!! You have a little boy!!!! (yes, I've been hiding under a rock!) SO SO SO HAPPY FOR YOUR BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!! Absolutely made my day! ;)

L said...

Sorry Luv! Just realised I'm logged in under my yahoo acct - the comment above is me - LEE-ANNE from Australia! :)