Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Where has this month gone?....not that I'm complaining...;O)

Look what I found today on the Internet! What are the chances! I found a face book group for Harbin Orphanages and a Spanish lady posted a link of photo's from Sugar Pie's orphanages. I skimmed threw a few pages and something told me to keep going...low and behold in a tiny thumbnail I seen my daughter! I knew it was her, I clicked to enlarge it and sure enough there she was! What a treasure! This is probably the youngest picture we have of her. We do have her finding add but it is very distorted and you can hardly make it out. I'm so happy I found this today! God is always good!

I took this out my front window. We haven't had a winter thaw at all this year, getting so tired of snow, but it sure makes a sunrise stand out...and that's always hopeful. Less than a month til spring!

You all know I love to play with fondant. I'm not out to make a buck, I just enjoy it. So I decided that rather than just donating the profits made from them I'd start donating the supplies to make them too so now all the proceeds will go to a China orphanage. Here are a few I made recently. This one I'm holding was a cherry blossom cake....inspired by my shirt....no joke!

Cakes for a Cause.
All my cakes have a signature Callie Bug ladybug on them....yes even the car one ;O).
Princess' Carriage.
Baby's first.

Sugar Pie making the best of the winter!

I think even her snow man was throwing his arms up in the air with all this snow.

Still waiting for out LCS (letter seeking confirmation). If we receive it by mid March we will be able to travel in April. We got his part 1 citizenship papers yesterday so that's great news! A month earlier than they predicted.
I have a ton of pictures of my two girls playing dress up. Big sister came over one day for a play date and they truly had a blast. I was in hysterics watching them. LOL so cute!

Here is just a little shot of cuteness to throw in for good measure. Sugar Pie was at 2 birthday parties this weekend past. This one had a magic show and the magician needed a helper. ;O).

Last but not least I'd love to ask for prayer for my little sister who just left on Sunday to go on a mission trip to Haiti. This is a big step for her and I know God will use her in amazing ways. I can't wait to hear her stories!!!! Praying for you Sweet Sister!


Kim said...

Love the photo you found of Sugar..
So happy for the next step to .
my nephew....
Miss you guys sooo much.Sugar is sure growing..
Love ya..

geminirn said...

Keeping fingers crossed fro April travel.Little sugar is just a beauty!!love all the photos.

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

It must send chills up your spine to discover these pictures!

Thinking of you lots while you wait!


Catherine said...

Wow!!! What an amazing treasure these pictures are!! Truly a gift from God!

So happy that you have found them.