Monday, February 07, 2011

Update and "Xin Nian Kuei Le" presentation

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! I'm sorry I haven't posted since the day after Christmas. I'll never get caught up so I'll just mention a few important details and try to bring you up to the present in the next couple of posts. I had the pleasure and honor of doing a presentation of Chinese New Year for Sugar Pie's kindergarten class. Sugar Pie and I taught them how to sing a Happy New Year song in Chinese and we did a dragon parade. Sugar Pie insisted on being the tail of the dragon. She seen Kia Lan's New Year Celebration and Rinto was the tail. The children loved it!
Aww...I love this picture. Sugar..the bearer of the lanterns...she was so excited to share some Chinese words with her class mates. I was beaming with pride at how brave and confidant she was.
I did a repeat at Sugar Pie's sparks class. I had to cut out a few of the things I did in the classroom cause I had 45 min for one and 30 for the other.
I brought a couple of other clothing items for some of the sparks to wear. The little one above is from Korea. She has a qi pao and would have worn it if she knew we were doing a presentation. She takes a beautiful pic! The little one in front (Miss J) is a real cutie too. She's so tiny and cute!!!
We went to the local CNY celebration on Saturday night and the little ones from Chinese school on Sat. mornings were invited to sing "Xin Nian Hao Ya" in front of 700+ people. They did a great job! I was so proud of my little Harbin Ice Princess! They started out wearing these cute little bunny ears for the "Year of the Rabbit" but the headbands were too tight and were hurting their ears. It was cute for a picture though.
There's Sugar Pie on the big screen second in from the right. Here little friend Miss L is to the right of her and was equally as sweet!
The outfits were stunning. I didn't wear mine to the party.. :o(..I bent down to pick something up during one of my presentations on Thursday and felt a little release....when I looked at my top the seam was letting go! I bought mine at a time I'm getting fitted rather than going for the bargain.
Out of my picture window... before the storm! I'm sooo done with snow!
My friend stopped in Friday to say hi and drop off this little gift for CNY. It's a Chinese Jasmine vine. It smells heavenly!
This was a sweet surprise too which blessed me to pieces. Both the kindergarten class and sparks sent me a card with a signature from all the little ones inside. Love them!

I made my presentation pretty easy to understand and didn't put any "Current" info on it so I can use it again in the future. I wasn't sure how long it was going to take to get threw until I did it at the first presentation. It took a good 45 minutes. If anyone ever wants to have a look at it let me know and you are free to copy it. I made it interactive and fun for them. Plus there were crafts that the teacher could have them make ahead of time.

We're still not 100% sure about the date we will travel to bring Hunny Bunch home. I sent an email to our agency asking when they were leaving for the next group so I could send along a care package for our son. They emailed right back and said send it right away. They also said it had to fit into a Kleenex box! I sent 2 disposable camera's, a photo album, a TINY teddy bear, a few chocolate coins with a CNY card. He should get it this week sometime! He will see our faces for the first time! His room is all ready. I'll post pics on another post. Can't wait until he sees it...can't wait til he's home!

Sad news-We had to say good bye to our 12 year old fur baby two weeks ago. It was one of the saddest things I've ever had to deal with. We knew it would happen soon. He had a bad heart, was deaf, going blind and not only his back legs were going but he took a fall off the sofa and really hurt his front shoulders. We thought he was getting a bit better but he wasn't eating then he started to pee and he couldn't get out of his own puddle...that made me cry. He started to cry a bit then shiver and we couldn't bear to see him suffer. The vet said it was the best and kindest thing we could do for him. I miss him sooo much....I still get up in the morning thinking I have to let him day I thought he was scratching at the door. We want to bury him under the tree with our kitty we lost a few years ago but the ground is frozen...the vet gave us a number to call that will keep him until the frost is gone. Gonna be hard to go threw this again in the spring.

So as a tribute to my faithful and beloved fur baby I leave you with my favorite picture of him. Rest in Peace, pain free Bailey Boy..and run free like never have before! We love you!


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

I am so sorry about you loss. That is so tough.

I have your material for the square! That is progress right?


Kim said...

Sooo sorry about Bailey... sure glad I got to love on him before he went to doggie heaven...LOVE the photos..
I knew you would do a wonderful job on the presentation..
Love you ..
CAN'T wait to see honeybunch in your arms..

Kristy said...

Debz I am so sorry about Bailey, we have had to bury so many furry friends , even horses in our life and you would think it would get easier but it never does!! We really do have a pet cemetary at my mom and dad's. We have been burying our animals there for 35 years!!

I am so proud of Sugar Pie she looks so grown up standing in front of her class!!!

Stay warm!!

Love you, Love and blessings, Kristy

geminirn said...

What a doll she is,just to precious......sorry about your dear bailey.....we have been there a couple of times in the past year and it is simply terrible,just awful.....big hugs.

Hope you get to see your beautiful boy very soon.

Hugs from across the waters

3D said...

I am so so sorry for your loss. Hugs...

Keep smilin!

L said...

:) So cute! Looks so weird seeing snow!!! Its coming to the end of summer here, but still quite warm! ;) Sending you some sunshine!!