Monday, November 22, 2010

Posts 7-10 from other blog...only two more and we're caught a pic of Sugar Pie when she went to visit Dora!

Before you catch-up on our old posts from the other blog I thought I'd start you off with some sweetness...this was Sugar Pie last weekend when we went to the mall to see Dora...she was so excited she had tears in her eyes.

*Post #10 from Oct. 12th. Up down UP DOWN up down Up UP UP!
This past week my hubby got a call for the passport office regarding his name. It was different on the application than on the birth certificate and they wanted a copy of his licence faxed to them. I checked the name on his birth certificate and it was worded the same way, middle name then first so we sent off a fax asking them to use the name on his licence. On his last passport they had it reversed as to what was on his licence so hopefully they will accept that and issue him it. It's not necessary for us to have to complete for the dossier so we won't fret over it......however!....Yesterday our SW sent us an e-mail with the draft of our home study and other than spelling a name wrong everything was fine. She just has to wait for Hubby's criminal record check to complete and send it to the province....soooo this morning while saying grace for breakfast I asked that his CRC would show up today and ....well it did. They sent it back incomplete because they wanted the exact name of the agency we are using to adopt. Apparently the lady who helped him fill out the application told him to just put "international". We quickly fixed it and it was on it's way to the post office to be sent as registered mail. Hopefully and prayerfully it will hit the hands of the right person and they will complete it right away and send it back to us. I'm thankful that it didn't take longer for them to send it back but I sure wish they would have just called and asked us what agency we were using. Praying it doesn't go back in the pile with newly received one as it's currently taking up to three weeks to have it sent back. God is good and He knows what's going on. Leaving it in His capable hands and praying.

*Post #9 from Oct. 3rd. Another step!
Took this pic in a park our first trip to China...I love that
it's a Mama teaching her little boy to walk..warms my heart.

Got a call from our Social Worker, she received our Child Protection Check from the province and is just waiting for us to get our last document which will hopefully arrive this week then she will complete our updated study and we will sign it then........OFF FOR PROVINCIAL MINISTRY APPROVAL!!! Then off for translation!

*Post #8 from October 1st. Almost.....there
Yesterday the RCMP called and my criminal record check was ready for pick up. They figure hubby's isn't far behind. Later in the afternoon our Dr. office called and told us the medical forms were completed and ready to go as well. So once we get Hubby's police check we will have all the paperwork we need for our SW and hopefully she will have it prepared by the middle of the month, I told her it would be a perfect birthday gift for me!

*Post #7 from Sept. 28th. Hangin on..
We got a notice from Immigration today stating they are working on our case and it may take up to 27 weeks. (Brings us to March.)
Sent off Hubby's paperwork for a new Passport. We had to have someone at Town Hall put their stamp on it.
Still waiting on some documents to send off to our SW...Criminal record checks, child protection, and medicals.
Have to double check to see if we need to update any travel needles. The Princess will have to have hers done. ya, that's where we are right now.


Kristy said...

Oh she is so beautiful!!! I just wanted you all to know that I love you!!

Love and blessings, Kristy

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Travel needles????!!!! YIKES!


Kim said...

MY girl is toooo cute..
Love it..
I am sooo excited for my nephew to come home then I can come and meet him too..
Love ya.

Rhonda and Glen said...

I was at a site today and thought I'd gone to your site by mistake as the little girl looked so much like your "Sugar" ... you should check it out...

Mom to Alex
IM Sep 09

geminirn said...

Just love love the photo of your Sugar and Dora.....she really is just beautiful!