Thursday, November 25, 2010

All Caught Up To Date.

Below are the last 2 posts from the private blog so from here on out my posts will be current and up to date.
Praise Report, we got our provincial approval last week. The Adoption Co. is out of province this week but will do up our LOA and send it off to our agency next week!! Next is translation then back here for the province to send it to China! I am praying it gets there before the CC@@ starts taking their breaks and vacations! Praying for a LID before Chinese New Year too!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my sweet American friends, family and BFF'S!!!! Love you Kim! Love you Kristy! I hope your having a WONDERFUL visit!!!

* Post #12 Nov.9th
Whoo Hooo!

It came! It came! Yay!! I took the last document straight to our SW's office. It was still hot from the printer when I left it in her mail box! She called a while ago and said I could pick it up in the morning to sign it then we'll bring it back to her and she'll send it to the province right away.

Sooo now we wait for ministry approval. Not sure what turn around time is for this. The provincial adoption coordinator retired so the lady above her is doing two jobs right now. Praying it won't be long and we can get caught up again. We are 4 weeks off what we were hoping to be.

I started painting the spare room for our little prince! Well primer cause it's over a dark terra cotta color. Not exactly sure what color or theme to go with. I'm really liking the maybe a beige and blue or green. We'll see! It's so hard to decorate a room when the age of our son is such a mystery right now. It's exciting!

It's a good day :o)

* Post #11. Nov. 5th:
Where is that last document!
Well almost a month has past since I updated and we are still waiting for that one document. Our local member of Parliament was to have sent a letter to Ottawa Monday that passed and's Friday and we got nothing....I e-mailed our MP yesterday and he said he would call them today and get back to us. We didn't hear anything yet.....and it's past midnight so scratch that for today...I'll email him tomorrow. He has a Blackberry and his emails go straight to him from it. :o)...I'll keep messaging him till he answers....maybe annoying but hey he's a politician so he should be well acquainted with annoyances. :o).

We are now 3 weeks behind where we had planned on being. Hopefully we'll catch up when the province gets our dossier into their hands. Lord willing. Praying it's so!

Hubby got his passport last week, so that's all good.

Stay tuned and please pray with us that this document comes next week!


Adrian Roberta said...

How many weeks did you Provincial Approval take!?


Chris, Tammy and the gang! said...

I LOVE the new blog look - so exciting to be waiting for a boy this time! I'm sure once "W" gets back (she's back this week) your Provincial Approval will not take long!! And we know FOI will do everything they can to get your dossier to China with a very quick LID!

Take care,

Kristy said...

I love you too Debz!!! Can I be a part of the private blog or is it just for family????

Love you, Kristy

Lesa said...

I'm so happy you are staying with this blog. That is what I did and it works.
Welcome to little boy heaven. Can't wait to see your updates.