Saturday, November 20, 2010

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Sept 19th: Homestudy update
Yesterday morning we had our first home study update meeting, I'd taken our previous study and wrote out all the things that had changed since we did it last so she only really had to ask the usual necessary questions. She was very supportive and pretty much said that other than collecting the necessary paperwork and delivering it to her that we would only need to meet again when we go over the changes. At the end of our session she asked if we had any questions and it has been so long (2005) since we did this end of the paperwork I had to ask how long it would take and where does it go next. She said she would have it ready by mid October (My birthday is mid October! What a perfect gift!) then she would send it to the provincial adoption Co. and they will call to meet with us, then they forward our dossier to our agency to be translated, they will then send it back to the province and then the province sends it to China. We wait for a LID then, with the Waiting Child program our agency will be ready to match us! I called our agency yesterday and they are saying it's possibly to have a referral by Christmas for our little Asian prince! However they said travel is estimated 3-5 months leaning mostly on the 4-5 months. So with that said we can hope at the latest we will travel in May! That makes us VERY happy! Things are looking bright on the horizon!

Sept 14th: (Better day today)

Today I went down to our local courthouse and got a few documents certified and stamped. The JP is a lady who goes to our church so it was nice that we found favor in her today after the last few days. I brought home the documents and sealed them in an envelope and will send them off tomorrow.

Today was 1 year ago from Gotcha day for our princess. While eating supper it started to rain while the sun was was magnificent....I just knew in my spirit that there would be a rainbow in the front side of the house so she and I ran to the front door and sure enough. I love how God reminds us of His see we seen her before our Adoption Coordinator even called us....on a website that advocates for waiting children. called "Rainbow" Kids... You just can't call that a coincidence...what are the chances that out of 147 million orphans in the world we would have seen her face before the phone even rang. That was 100% God. I love how He shows up in the most timely ways.

Sept 13th:
More papercuts!! Hubby's passport stuff came back today so we have to refile for a whole new passport for him.

His venerable persons check came back with the same snag mine had, so he has to run fingerprints and have it sent away also.

I filled out the citizenship package and paid for it on-line. I have to have some documents certified tomorrow by the notary public.

My licence isn't due for renewal until October but I wanted all current info photocopied so I got that done today.

Then to top it off I had my physical done and my Dr. will fill out the form when my blood work is done. He gave us a hard time about it last time and this time was no different. He really doesn't understand why they want him to fill it out but not send any laboratory test results as proof. I said I wouldn't argue with China about it, they have their reasons and I won't question them.

AHHHHH! So here we are. The citizenship looks like it will take up to 7 months, (this doesn't have to go with our dossier) the medicals will be ready in a few weeks and the police checks can take up to 3-4 weeks so even if our SW is done we can't send everything for translation until all the paperwork is collected. I'm guessing the earliest would be the end of October to mid November before we can send it to China. That is a bit of a downer but everything is in Gods timing so I will try not to dwell on those particulars. He's on top of the littlest details. I know He is. ;O)

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Kim said...

Everything has actually gone pretty well. and you are getting there..
I sooo cannot wait to see my nephew..
Love you My BFF...
always here for you ..