Saturday, November 20, 2010

#2 and #3 Post from private blog. Sept 5th and 8th

The rollercoaster is taking a dip...hang on it's only temporary!

Dear hubby's passport went threw the wash over a year ago, (funny China accepted it last September...) he got a call from the Passport office saying they will not renew it because of the shape it's in......AAAAAAAHHHHHKKKK! So they are sending it back and asking him to reapply from the beginning. Which means a different passport number which means more paper cuts as I thumb threw alllllll the paper I filled out with his passport number on them!!! THANK Heavens I didn't start the citizenship packet yet! So....I'm not sure how long that will take for him to get his new one. Still waiting for mine and daughter's to be sent back to us.

Then....if that wasn't enough I went in to have my venerable persons check done and they called the next day to tell me there is someone else in the system with a similar name as mine and they will want to fingerprint me and send it off. This is a new process they started only a month ago the lady was telling me and she said it may take 3 weeks or more but that it would more than likely be longer....ugggg. Praying everything mysteriously gets expedited.

This Monday coming I go for my physical. So I'll have that for filled out and that will be another piece of the paper castle. Hubby gets his done the following week.

Sending our registration off to our agency today. This is two forms one to be sent and the other to be filled out and e-mailed.
Yesterday we did our Letter of Request, collected letter from Guardian, reference letter from family member, got my letter of proof of employment from accountant. (Need to get hubby's). Birth certificates collected, Marriage certificate, divorce papers(I was married at 18 then separated at 20), and some pictures collected to mount to card stock(this was new this time around, they want you to mount them on card stock with the date of photo and a line describing the picture. ) Today we will hopefully collect the other two reference letters from friends.


Kim said...

Love it..
I sooo cannot wait for little guy to get here.. Love you tons..
Love these Monkeys..

Cora said...

Those bumps in the road can really be wearing, I know. Hang in there! can't wait to see who your little man is. The timing always works out eventually.

Madeleine said...

I can FEEL the frustration with you!!! AARRGGHHHHHHHHHHHH.

I had so many of those WHAT??!!??!! moments, They became common place in my life.

But keep your eyes on the goal. That sweet baby boy joining your sweet baby girls. :D

Life is good, because GOD is good.

Sherri said...

If anyone knows how you feel with paperwork it's me/us. Thank God it's our last time - just waiting for our new Home study to come in and everything for the 5th time is off to the NBC. No more expiring paperwork on our end, no more renewing paperwork on our end. Next time around will be a little girl.
Good luck with everything going on with your paperwork.