Wednesday, November 17, 2010

August 2010 Post #1

Over the next little while I'll be gradually moving posts from the private blog I started for our second journey over to this one. I thought I would start a second blog but I still want to continue to post updates about Sugar Pie and I know I can't keep up with 2 blog so I'm combining the two. Here is my first blog post from August.
Well hello there friends! Yesterday was my first "OFFICIAL" paper cut...I got it while printing off our home study that we had for Sugar. I printed it off to make the necessary changes I need to so that we could resubmit it to our social worker. This morning I made some changes and added some important info then off to my social workers tonight to put it in her mailbox!!! So we have officially started to paper chase for our son! We will be requesting a boy up to the age of 4 from the Waiting Child Program. We are soooooo ready!

Sugar is looking forward to having a little brother and it will be so exciting having the two of them growing up together sharing memories. My older daughter will love to have a little brother too! Not to mention our grandbutton! Holidays will certainly be milestones to remember around our kitchen table for years to come.

We knew pretty much right away we would adopt again if the Lord put it on our hearts. I know He did a work in both my husband and I and we are over the moon excited to add to our family. So buckle up and enjoy the paper roller coaster ride. Watch your fingers.,..the paper is sharp!


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

So exciting :)

Madeleine said...


How cool is that we will probably be on the journey together. AGAIN??!!?'

I mean the paper-pregnancy journey. lol.

Still COOL!!

I will pray for you as I pray for us. :D

Adrian Roberta said...

love your new layout, so FUN! for a little boy!

Wenmin said...

Hope you needn't wait so long.

Kim said...

I am sooo ready to meet my new nephew.. LOVE YOU tons my friend..

and miss you more then words can ever say..

geminirn said...

Hey this looks FANTASTIC!!!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't this exciting!! We just received news yesterday that our LID is Nov 9th.

For some reason the paperwork seemed so much easier this time around. Maybe because we had been there....done that.

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Mom to Alex