Thursday, August 26, 2010

2nd half of Kim's Trip to our Island

Continuation of Kim's visit to out beautiful Island.

July 27th This morning we got up and headed to Cackleberry Farms to pick raspberries. We got about 7 lbs in a very short time. This was a first for Kim as well as Sugar. Surprisingly Sugar didn't eat as many as she picked in fact I don't think she ate any at all. She was bored in a hurry though lol.

Once we finished there we took the scenic route back out to the highway and headed to Cavendish to go to Shining Waters Park to meet up with Doris, Dan, and Miss D. We walked around the park, the little ones went on some rides while we chatted. It was nice to spend some time with them. They look GREAT and that little Miss D is cute as a button. We took a trip over to Green Gables House and went threw the house and walked down "Lovers Lane". It was cool for Kim to see what inspired L.M. Montgomery's novels.
After Sugar was bathed, read to and tucked into bed Kim and I pulled up our sleeves and I showed her how to make raspberry freezer jam, Island seafood chowder and then we decorated her fondant cake. She had fun doing it all...well maybe she didn't exactly do back flips over cleaning the clams lol but I think if she had to do it all over she wouldn't change a thing for the experience of it all ;O). Which reminds me I have to get that Seafood Chowder recipe to her soon ;O).

July 28th Today we went to the Green Gables Post Office then off to the Cavendish Boardwalk to meet up with Doris, Dan, Miss D, Deloris, Shawn, Jaclyn, Britney and Miss K. We browsed around a few shops and stopped at lunch time for a bite to eat. It was nice to hang out with everyone again for a little bit. Mind you it was pretty busy. We found a picnic table and sat down to have a piece of Kim's cake then we headed out to Victoria-By-The-Sea.

This place gives peace to my soul every time I go there. I was born there and we stayed until I was 6 then had to move away. There are lots of little shops around the little town. This is where we found a lighthouse for Kim to climb to the top of. She wasn't planing on it until I called her a chicken then she pivoted on one foot and headed up ;O). Peer pressure ;O). LOL. We headed home and had YUMMY Clam Chowder and crackers for supper. It was an awesome day! We had a lot of laughs today...Kim and I have the ability to just look at each other and know what we are thinking then laugh until our tummy hurt. I'll never forget today, it was so nice to share some of my childhood memories with her as we walked threw that little town.

July 29th Today was the day Kim was supposed to go home but we asked her to stay a couple more days and she agreed ;O). I'm so glad she did! We had pancakes with Canadian Maple Syrup for breakfast today. Yummy! Then we got ready and headed out to MacCallums Point to the Indian Head Lighthouse. The lighthouse was built in 1881 several hundred meters off the tip of the point. It has a break way of huge rocks and boulders leading out to it. When the tide is out you can walk to it on sand. The tide was starting to come in by the time we got there but we were determined to get out to it. In some places we were walking in water 3 feet deep. We got there but didn't stay long as the tide was coming in and the waves were becoming fierce as they crashed over the break way. It was really quite a thrill and an adventure not for the faint of heart. I told Kim she would have no excuse for not walking the Great Wall of China after treading water to this lighthouse. When we were heading out we dropped a couple of shirts into some very muddy red mud to stain our shirts. We call them PEI dirt shirts. We bought iron on patches of the "Friendship" flags. It was both the US and Canada flag together. We also went out to the little school house that L.M. Montgomery taught at in Bedeque. We came back to the house and cleaned up a bit then headed out to L.M. Montgomery's birthplace which is a museum today. I found a Mary Englebriet version of Anne Of Green Gables and bought it. Tried my luck at New London Wharf to see if there was an Issabella fishing boat but to no avail. Boo. We then went on a quest to complete some more things off her bucket list.

We went to my friend Dara's house and we had soft shelled clams and corn. THANK YOU DARA!!! She is such an awesome host. We were at her camper at Twin Shores. We went down to the Atlantic Ocean and Kim had to have a dip in the water. The sand on this side of the Island is white as opposed to the other side which has red. The other difference is that there are jellyfish on this side. That was interesting :op. Ha Ha. Kim wrote a message on the sand to her children. I went to youth group tonight while Kim watched Sugar. When I got back we went to the activity room and made hair bows for Issabella. It was another amazing day that would have never have happened if Kim would have went home this morning.

July 30th I wasn't completely happy with our dirt shirts so I redyed them and hung them on the line then we headed into town so Kim could find some souvenirs to take back home with her. We went to the train station in Kensington then went back out to Cavendish to a few shops for some more last minute trinkets. We were longer than expected to we decided to stop and eat at a restaurant called the Sand Box. It was nice to sit out on the deck. They have a place inside for families with small children where the children can actually play in a sand box before and after they eat. I thought that was pretty cute. They have t-shirts that say "I got sand in my pants at the Sand Box". lol. On the way back home we stopped for an ice cream at the Frosty Treat then came home. It would be the last time this trip that Sugar would see her Arizona Auntie so they said their good-bye's before she went to bed for the night. (I had to turn around in the kitchen away from them at one point to hold it together, Sugar really took to Kim, she will always remember the fun they had together while New Kim was here). When it got dark out I went to the back deck and lit the little fire pit then we each grabbed a blanket and a beverage and headed out. We sat under the stars on the the calm night you could possibly imagine. It was like God Himself planned it to be that way. We talked about life and our hopes and dreams, reminisced about our trip and talked about the future. I will never forget that night. I still marvel at how a red thread connected us together as forever friends and that it was totally meant to be that way. When Kim went to bed I stayed up and made her a special scrapbook page with fabric to add to her 100 GWQ.

July 31st We got up at 5 and I helped Kim zipper her over stuffed suitcase and hid a special treasure in there while doing so. We packed the car and headed down the road. Kim asked me something when we pulled away from the drive way and I tried so hard to answer her with the lump in my throat but as soon as I looked at her I couldn't help myself. Then both of us were a mess. This was not an easy trip to the airport. I didn't want her to go. We got to the airport and I walked with her to her gate we said our goodbye's and had a moment while we embraced and I watched her as she walked threw security and out of sight. On the way home as I was driving I realized the reason I asked Kim to come here was because I thought we had a lot in common and while I was waiting I would have loved it if someone would have offered me a little get away. I thought I was doing her a favor so to speak. I don't think I realized that we would create a bond that would make us grow so fond of one another. She genuinely truly cares for the people she becomes friends with and that is something hard to find in a friend. She will allow you to totally be yourself and I so appreciated that fact about her. Kim made me fall in love with my Island again and she also unknowingly showed me it's ok to take a chance on having your heart broken if you try to make friends with someone that may or may not accept you for who you are. I think I closed my heart to that a few years ago and have struggled with it for many years. How else will you gain forever friend unless you open your heart to it. It's a win win situation, those who don't bond to you are the ones who loose if you are true to them. I love you Kim and I know we will be forever friends. I can't wait until we meet again when you have my niece in your arms. I don't have any pictures of her leaving....honestly I didn't want any...It's really the only regret I have about her trip, she could have stayed with us forever...and a piece of her did. xox


Madeleine said...

Again, what an amazing post!

Your time together was blessed and ordained. It is pretty obvious to anyone reading your words.

And I have a feeling I know exactly what she asked you. I am so very glad she did. I have been praying for you my friend. More then you can know. And your heart has become important because of it.

So, PEI looks as beautiful as I imagined. :) Living there must be fantastic! I am trying to convince my husband to move to Martha's Vineyard. lol I was born for island living. I just know it.

Anonymous said...

Debz, I am in tears just reading that awesome post you did. I feel the friendship you and Kim have in the the words you write. I am also honored to have Kim as a best friend. But better yet she is even luckier to have us both...I will forever be jealous of her trip to Canada and I keep telling her I am going next time...
Hugs Carri

Kim said...

There are NO WORDS that can say HOW MUCH ... I LOVE YOU GUYS..
I sooo LOVE and remember every second of my trip.
It was AMAZING..
We were meant to find each other.. I LOVE Sugar sooo much.. I tried my hardest not to cry that night I had to say goodbye to her.. but it was not a goodbye it was a HUGE hug to let her know that I love her and will be back with her little cousin.. as for leaving the house.. it was sooo hard.. I cried as I walked through the gates and everyone looked at me.. but you know what.. it is the FRIENDSHIP..
You know that I don't have a lot of Girlfriends due to being hurt also.. and YOU are one that I will cherish and love forever..,
I sooo cannot wait to come back and you can hold and love your niece like you do sooo well..
Thank you for the wonderful time and memories..
I will FOREVER cherish them and you as long as I live..

a Tonggu Momma said...

I am just amazed at how blogs can bring people together... how friendships can form. (Oh, and I am now convinced that if I ever visited you, I'd actually learn to cook and stuff. For real.)

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

absolutely outstanding post!


Alyson and Ford said...

Loved reading all about your visit. Wonderful time together! You both are very special people!
Someday I will make it to PEI too, so beautiful!

Alyzabeth's Mommy