Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Pictures and Catching Up!

I love this picture of Sugar Pie! I took her to Grampa's Old Time Photo's yesterday when we were in Cavendish. We planed on going to the Water Park but an hour waiting in the Motor Vehicle Branch put the kibosh to that idea....but at least it was air conditioned! We have been enduring a bit of a heat wave here the last few days. It was 41 C here today which is like about 105 F. with humidity. We are expecting hurricane Earl to hit this weekend. (mind you with a name like Earl!? Now how threatening does that sound... te he). Hope it breaks the humidity.
My sweet Knight in Shining Armour had a birthday on Sunday! Happy Birthday babe! He didn't want me to make a cake. He said he would much rather a pie. So I thought we should at least put a candle in it. He just loves blueberry pie!
Tea Party for my Mom's retirement and Aunt's birthday. I made them a tea pot cake.
This one was a lot of fun!
I made this one for our next door neighbor who is moving to another province this week. He was so wonderful, helping cut the grass and always making time to stop to say hello. We're going to miss him.
My sweet husband got me a cricut cake for our anniversary which is coming up on the 20th. That is what I used to cut the letters out for his parents 47th anniversary cake.
My sweet daughter Jac's birthday was on the 21st. My sister's birthday is the same day. I asked them to describe themselves in 5 items and found a common theme to decorate their cake. Treasures of the sea. The picture on top is a picture I took of them on Jac's 1st birthday. It was a lot of fun to make that one and they both loved it. Happy Birthday to my girl and my sister!!! Hummm....maybe hubby didn't want me to make a cake cause he wanted to give me a break? lol.
A couple of weeks ago we went to the Moncton Zoo and while we were there Sugar seen some ladies face painting so we thought it would be fun to get her face painted. She loves monkeys so it was only fitting for her to get one on her cheek. So cute. :o)
Loving the rabbits.
Oh! Here is another cake I made a bit ago. This was for a bridal shower. The couple are getting married in Vegas mid Sept. EVERYTHING on this cake is edible..except the foil on the chocolate.
Sugar playing hard on the front deck. I still can't believe I'm sending this little girl off to a full day of kindergarten next week. Breaks my heart. :o(
Last Monday we had our 12 month post adoption report done. It will be a year since got-our-arms-around-you-day on the 15th.

Tomorrow is my SIL and BIL's 10th Wedding Anniversary!
It's also my 10th year for not smoking how are the two connected you ask?! Well lets just say father in law + a couple beer + helium tank + myself + laughing so hard my throat felt raw= no more cigarettes for me! Now I can't say I didn't want one but I fought it and won. I haven't had even a sniff of one. I never did like to smoke when I was feeling sick or had a sore throat so I said the next time I felt icky I would quit. Not to mention I'm a self proclaimed queen of stubbornness.

So there you have it, a little catch up to the times post. Been enjoying the summer, always up to something with my Sugar Pie.

Loving to hear of all my bloggy friend getting their referrals, keep them coming CC@@!


Adrian Roberta said...

Always love reading your updates, for some reason they ALWAYS make me hungry....gee I wonder why? (-:


Need to swing by Clipz I need some White ones, Make any Barrettes?

redmaryjanes said...

I am telling need to open a cake shop. Your work is just unbelievable!

Kayce said...

I totally agree with're cakes are incredible!! Beautiful!!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Ok, you must tell me what a "circut cake" is.

Your work is incredible. You should be proud.

the tea party looks so cute. And, my hubby LOVES blueberry pie too!

enjoy your last few days before school starts my friend.

And, isn't this heat wave incredible?


Noella said...

That tea pot cake is amazing!!! You are very talented.

Catherine said...

So many beautiful cakes!!!

Adorable pic of your sweet little girl.

Kelly Green said...

Oh my...I love the cakes. I have been "practicing" with some posted recipes...but haven't really been pleased with the fondant recipes. Any tips?? Yours are WONDERFUL!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I always love your cakes, but I'm like your knight... I'm a sucker for pies. I'd want a pie on my birthday, too. Loved seeing your update and how much Sugar Pie has grown. Oh, my!

Lesa said...

Man the teapot cake is a cute one! I just wish you lived much closer so I could order one. Maybe I'll take a photo of yours and see if someone can here. Wendy is having an Alice in Wonderland party.
Your mom and Aunt look so cute!

You have been so busy.

Mammarazzi Madness said...

Hello, We just moved to PEI from NB with our daughter who is 4 1/2 and she is adopted from China too ! Would love to connect with you. If you get a moment pop over and visit our blog.

Sherri said...

Oh my gosh, your cakes are beautiful! And I so love the profile of little sugar...she's too darn cute and she knows it.