Sunday, August 22, 2010

1st part of Kim's visit with us.

I'm sure many of you have followed Kims blog as she posted about her trip here to PEI, If you haven't please pop over and check it out. Here's a bit of my rendition of her trip here.

July 22nd. Kim arrived late tonight. We were pleasantly surprised to see than there was a couple just arriving home with their little guy from China on the same flight. We got to see him for a few minutes while waiting for Kim to come down the gate. As soon as I laid eyes on her I ran to her and jumped her giving her a big hug. It was so nice to finally meet her in person. She and I clicked right away.

July 23rd, we got up and Sugar met Kim. We puttered around most of the morning before realizing the day was getting away on us, so off we went on the quest to clean some stuff off her bucket list we made for her. We went to Chelton Beach where the red sand is on the southern side of the Island. We wrote in the sand and walked along the beach chatting. I found Kim a hermit crab to play freaked her out a bit when it came out of it's shell. That was really funny watching her hold one for the first time. We left and went up to take pics of the Confederation Bridge. The Confederation Bridge joins the eastern Canadian provinces of Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick, making travel throughout the Maritimes easy and convenient. The curved, 12.9 kilometre (8 mile) long bridge is the longest in the world crossing ice-covered water, and a decade after its construction, it endures as one of Canada’s top engineering achievements of the 20th century. We met up with Shane as he was finishing up from a days work on the other side of the Bridge, made the world seem small to have met up with him at that same moment we were taking pictures of it! We went into the village which is really just a stop for tourists with a bunch of little shops throughout it. We went to the "Anne Of Green Gables Figurines" store then after stopping into a few others we hit "Cow's Ice Cream" which is an Island based creamery that makes not only ice cream but cheese as well. The also have lots of clothing and gift wear. That evening we went to the "Deck House" for supper, Kim ordered Fish and Chips, she really enjoyed the fish (Haddock). Later Kim and I went out to my cherry tree and picked cherries to make pies. We pitted them and put them in the crusts and off to the oven they went. They smelled really yummy cooking! Turned out they tasted just a good as they smelled! YUMMY! We stayed up talking til almost midnight then went to bed.

July 24th, Shane had to go up to my Mom's to fix her water pump today so we decided to go up with him. It's about 45 minutes away. We stopped at a dairy bar on the way and Kim had a dish we call "Fries with the works" and loved it. We went for a walk on the trails beside moms house and took some pictures. In 1989 the trains were taken off the tracks on the Island and they turned them all into walking/biking/skidoo recreation trails. We had a nice walk and shared some childhood memories.
Afterwards we went into the little town close to my moms place called O'Leary, just so happened that the Potato Blossom festival was going on at the same time. Luckily for us the timing was perfect as the parade just finished so we wouldn't have been stuck on a side road unable to get on the main road to take us to the Potato Museum. Kim really liked checking out the old farming equipment and she took some wonderful pictures. We went to the old red school house that my mom used to send us to for a summer program when we were little.

We came home and got ready to go to the Diner Theater called "Eh!". It was awesome, if you have never experienced a diner theater your missing out! The actors/resses do their skit, serve you and continue with their skit, ect until you have had your four course meal. This was where Kim had Mussels for the first time. She was a little taken back by the look of them but soon forgot when she dipped it in warm butter and tasted it. Mussels are soooo yummy!!!

July 25th, We got up and ready for Church. Kim sat with Sugar on the rocking chair and did her morning ritual of taking a picture of them together then Sugar would want to see all her pictures. lol . It was nice to introduce Kim to my church family. They play a VERY large role in my life and have supported me threw thick and thin.

We came home and I made fresh salads out of my garden. Later I taught Kim how to make scented melting tarts. We invited my sister and nephew over cause we had a surprise for my nephew. We got our new Civic a few weeks ago and decided to give him our old Cavalier. It's a 98 so it's 12 years old with a lot of miles on it but a great little starter care for someone. For supper we took everyone to Fisherman's wharf, the buffet was beautiful with anything and everything you could possibly want to eat on it. This was Kim's first time eating a lobster...she was such a great sport...every time she was about to do something new she would have this look on her face that seemed to say"I must be nuts but I'm not gonna back down" showed her what to eat and what not to and she was pleasantly surprised. She kept saying the seafood was good but was sooo much work for such little payoff. LOL. (That's why our fishermen are skinny!)

It was a perfect dining experience. Once home and Sugar was tucked into her bed we put the "Anne of Green Gables" DVD in and watched it....well all but about 20 minutes of it that we would save until morning.

July 26th, We got up and after breakfast we finished watching the rest of the movie. We headed in town to run a couple of errands then went out to the beach at the end of the road I live on. There is a huge rock out in the water that I go to often to pray...It's so peaceful and beautiful out there.
I call it prayer rock. I prayed many many times through our 4 year wait for Sugar while sitting on that rock. We got out to the rock and we sat down and I prayed for Kim and her 3 wonderful kids then I said a special prayer for Issabella. I truly can not wait until I see her in her Mommas arms. My heart will explode with joy the day she gets her referral. Afterwards we went to a friends potato field and picked a few potatos. They really weren't ready but we did get a few.

We went to Indian River Church. This Church is one of the oldest on the Island and is something beautiful to see with the naked don't do it justice at almost have to hear your voice echo in it's walls to appreciate this incredible piece of architecture.
We went out to Cabot Park to see if there was a fishing boat out there named Issabella...I'm determined to find one. I'm almost positive I seen one one time. While we were there I went into a fish mart and got some oysters. When we got home Kim pulled up her britches and swallowed one raw. Atta way to go Kim. Another first that will probably not be repeated ;O). She was a great sport!

We got the stuff we needed and headed to the south west shore to go bar clamming. She was a little freaked about the crabs but I think when she realized if she didn't bother them they wouldn't bother her she was ok. My sister showed her how to find them and off they went. I ended up having to entertain Sugar so they did the clamming. We brought home about 35 or more. She enjoyed that adventure. It was so awesome to share my Island with Kim...I miss her terribly and love her so much.

I'll try in the next week or so to get all caught up. Lots of things going on keeping me busy. Bridal shower cake order, Jac and my sister's birthday was yesterday, had a 47th wedding anniversary get together for Shane's parents today. Mom's in the midst of selling the homestead, moving closer to us and retiring, big changes coming for her...all a little overwhelming for her but she will enjoy it when everything settles and she gets used to the new normal. We have an appointment tomorrow with our social worker for our 12 month post adoption. It will actually be a year on Sept 15th but she's coming a couple of weeks early. Plus my husbands birthday is next Sunday and he is on vacation all this week. So's a little busy. LOL. That's life hey!


Kim said...

Ok you know you have me crying..
I can sit and read my post and your post all day long..brings me to a happy place..
LOVE YOU soooo much..
and I will NEVER ever forget our time together.. can't wait to see the second half of my stay..
Love you ..
have a great week..
Tell Shane Happy Birthday from his Arizona Sister...Love you all.

Adrian Roberta said...

What a beautiful island, you all are so blessed to live there!


Kayce said...

You guys sure had a wonderful time...such a blessing your friendship is! Love all the pics!

Madeleine said...

Whoa! What a great post!

What fun.

I can't believe you actually LIVE on PEI.

And it is something awesome that she got to go out there, and you had such a fantastic time.

And I love raw oysters/clams. lol I am told it is an aquired taste. Well, thank goodness I did that when I was a child. lol.

I loved the pictures. Thank you for sharing!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

So, I want to move to PEI!