Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mid-January Catch up

We had a play date last week with Miss "E". She has an older sister and is used to being the follower so Sugar grabbed her by the hand carted her around playing with one thing then another. It's interesting to see how she responds to different personality types. We have had play dates with many different children and I'm always amazed watching Sugar while she calculates where she fits in. It was fun to watch the two of them play and I enjoyed Mommy "D"'s company.
I love this pic of "Nia Hao Sugar". Her hair is getting so long! She is blooming right, left and center. We are working on pretty basic stuff with her, naming/recognizing objects, shapes, colors. She is counting up to 15 but until we know what most objects are and can name them we aren't doing the alphabet yet. (Other than singing the alphabet song ). She is understanding the concepts of small simple stories and knows whats going on by looking at the pictures. She enjoys and can pick up on expressions when you are reading. If something is funny and I make my voice sound funny she laughs and repeats what she understood. She is speaking in in broken sentences which I can understand but sometimes have to interpret to others. She must not have ever held a pencil cause she wasn't sure what hand to hold it in, in the beginning. She is drawing circles and only recently has been drawing lines. I'll ask her to draw 3 or so lines and she will. EDIT: She just drew me a square! I've been working on this one with her for days! She can't color in the lines yet but she has fun's hard to keep her focused on one thing for very long...maybe still the newness of everything.
I'm more concerned at this point with her motor skills and balance...I don't think they had a lot of stairs to climb there! She also might have a bit of difficulty because of her condition although repaired we aren't convinces there wasn't some minor nerve damage done. We are trying to get her to walk threw snow and up and down stairs more independently. She is quite rough when putting puzzles together so we are working on slowing her down and going easy with that as well, "slow and easy wins the race", so at this point that's where we are.

Friday I had a hard day, I had to go and enroll my girl in Kindergarten....I could have cried.......oh wait I did.....we just got her home with us and I'm filling out Kindergarten registration :o(. I'll see how she gets along and if I don't feel she is ready I'll hold her back til next year. I wish they offered 1/2 days. I just don't know how a full day will go.

Friday afternoon I took Sugar Pie in for blood work. She did better than I thought she would considering they had to poke her thumb not once but 3 TIMES to get any blood from her! I think if they would have come after her the fourth time I would have said we'd come back another day. Sheesh! When all was said and done and the tears were dry she was pleased to get a couple of stickers and a sucker. Then we came home and proudly told daddy all about it and got the play Dr. kit out to draw blood from her baby.

All week we've been heart broken for the people of Haiti, especially when we think of all the orphans. They really need our prayers and any help we can offer. The Canadian government is matching dollar for dollar to all funds raised up to a maxium of 50 Million and they are currently at 22 million. If you think you might be able to even donate as little as 10 dollars remember it will be worth so much more than 20 to the Haiti people. Click HERE to connect to the Canadian Red Cross and follow the directions on the site if you think you can help out.

To end my heavy hearted week we got a call last night that they had to rush our pastor to another province by ambulance. They did surgery on him to remove an abscess that was putting pressure on his brain last night and then this morning they did surgery again on his sinus cavity. He is currently in recovery with some swelling on his brain. This man has a global impact and his ministry has reached far and wide. I don't feel his work here on earth is complete. We are praying for full recovery in a miraculous way...he talks so much about others' testimonies and miracles....and after this he will be sharing his own. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. He is like Jesus with skin on to so many of us.

Sorry if my post today was a bit of a downer, it probably isn't the best way to start out the new year eh?! I can only believe something really big and wonderful is about to happen.
This week has made me think of all that I take for granted and how many people I love and care for and never let them know.....or not a shout out off the top of my head to a few of you: Lori (my sissy)first and foremost, Gary who faithfully keeps up-dated on my blog HI GARY!, Jocelyne, Charlene who has been a behind the scenes follower and has blessed me with kind words on Facebook, Dara, (My sister in faith and one of my best friends) Heather, Kim Issabella's mommy-in-waiting who is usually one of the first people to post a comment and who always reminds me I'm loved, TM who is an amazing mom and who has a wonderful sense of humor, Kerri, Madelaine, Crystal, Jany, Chantal, Wendy, Anne, Dena, Carolyn, Susan, Steph, Sherla, Sherry, IRIS (My spiritual Momma), Lisa (Half Garlic, Half Galic), Shannon, Lisa, Fliss, Lesa, Diane, Lee Anne, Kimberley and Krista to name a few. I love you guys. I just needed you to know this today.


susan said...

E. was also awkward when she first came home. I think that the SWI can't have a lot of small children running everywhere at the same time so they might do more sedentary stuff. About school, Sugar may surprise you in a few months. They also have a lot more supports in the kindergartens these days as there are more EAL children enrolled. Even my J. who shares Sugar`s birthday gets some EAL at kindergarten this year. You can always choose to keep her in kindergarten a second year if necessary. Can`t beleive J. is going to be in grade one. She still looks so young so I know how you are feeling.
Prayers to your pastor and his family for a speedy recovery. Susan

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

First off I just want to say that I am totally honored to have met you in bloggerville and hopefully things will fall into place and will meet you in person.. I love you to pieces and I am here no matter what you need...
I think Jazmyn will do well in school and glad to hear she did well with the blood...
Praying for your Pastor ....
Have a great week..
Thinking of you always..

Anonymous said...

On Sunday while we were praying for a maricle for Andrew, Jazmyn was sitting on my lap and I was remided of Gods faithfulness as I was holding a maricle in my arms. Thank you for remdinging me that you love me, Its funny how you know someone loves and cares for you but sometimes you just yearn to hear it. No word of a lie I actually prayed for this reminder just within the last week. I love you so much! Reading your posts remind me of when you and I were little girls and my heart swells. HUGS , lil sissy Lori

gary said...


I love following your blog even though until now, I have never put a post (until now.)

You and your entire family are remarkable people and I feel blessed to know you all. I also pray for your entire familys health nd hapiness on a daily basis.

You are a special person and have a tremendous heart .

take care

Mike and Rhonda said...

Came by for a visit. I see that someone is STILL as cute as they come AND growing up.

Simple Dimple Primitives said...

As a mother of an adopted "blessing" from China...I know how you are feeling!


Iris said...

Blushing and humbled. Thanks Deb.
You pour so much into others lives though and where would we be without you and your willingness to love us freely. Without judgment or malice.
You are doing a wonderful job learning to be a new mum again after 21 years. Jazmyn has landed as far as I am concerned in the best home ever.
Luv ya

kerri said...

I just Love you too!!
I feel so honoured to have had the privledge to meet you, your an amazing woman!
So glad that Sugar is doing well, your such a great Mom, I see how Jazmyn is flourishing, it's beautiful!
I know just how you felt with the Kindergarten enrollment, cried all the way home with both girls, LOL!!
Dropping them off that first day, well, let's just say Jeff took me to Tim's for large coffee to settle my nerves!! Cried all the way.
My continued positive thoughts and prayers for your pastor.

Madeleine said...

I love reading your blog. There is something just so ... I don't even know the word!!! lol.

I was telling my husband about you guys. I showed him the pictures of your sugar, and yous guys. He thought it was cool and asked where you where.



But if you are ever in the NYC area... :)

I;m so sorry about your pastor. What heart break. Our pastor's wife died about 6 weeks ago. She was only 45 and she got hit hard with cancer all of a sudden, and then it was all done. Bless his heart. They had 5 children from 22 down to 7.

You've had a hard week. I will pray for your heart also.

Briana's Mom said...

Sugar sounds like she is definitely blooming! She is just precious!

I just got the school registration papers for Briana for next year. Four days a week (half days). I about had a heart attack! I can't believe my baby will be going to school 4 days a week.

I'm so glad I've been able to follow you on your journey to your sweet sugar! You are such a wonderful family!