Sunday, January 10, 2010

1st Post of 2010

Wow 2010 huh? I wonder how many cheques I'll write with 2009 before I finally get it right. ;O)

or at least write 200... and scratch out the last 0!

I didn't make any resolutions this year, I usually don't stick to them and enough has changed for the better in our home to keep me occupied for a while. I am however challenging myself to ONLY buy essentials as far as groceries go for the month. I desperately need to clean out this freezer and it won't hurt to save the money either. I've been pretty creative in dreaming up things to make with what we have on hand.

This is our third snowman this year. We have been naming them all. This one is the "Italian Chef".

The city that Sugar is from has their annual Ice Festival at this time every year, if you want to see some really cool snow/ice sculpting google "Harbin Ice Festival" and you'll be amazed!

Here are some new bows I made for Sugar. They look more like the Ki@ Lan ones than the other ones I made. I love them and they look so cute on her! I'm going to try a set in pink too.

If you want a set let me know!

The completed activity room! It is a toy, craft, exercise, scrap booking room. Sugar loves her "Jumpaline". Best investment we ever made. When we first put her in it she didn't even know what to do. After a few days hubby wanted to take it back. I said no no, lets keep putting her in it and showing her what to do. Now she jumps like a kangaroo and daddy's glad he kept it!

I love my scrap booking area, it's awesome. I have a 13 foot workbench to the left for other fun crafts. Sugar and I could spend hours down here!

Sugar finally had her appointment with the pedi regarding her getting up threw the night so much to pee and he said he will run some tests and get to the bottom of it. He figures it's one of three things, 1.Physiological, 2. the size of her bladder or 3. what my suspicion was all along, that there could have been nerve damage during her operation for Meningocele when she was a baby.

He said that everything I was doing was great and that even though I might be sleep deprived it will be better to find out what it is before we make any changes. I told him that I was on a yahoo group for parents who have adopted children from China and that a few suggestions were a potty and pull ups and he agreed that with Sugar it just wouldn't fit. I also told him that someone suggested Gravol for her to help her sleep threw the night and he quickly shut that down and said that there have been unpleasant side effects with giving gravol to young children. I don't want to add insult to injury so I'll refrain from that. I do also think that some of it is definitely because she wants to be near us. We comfort her each time she wakes up and that helps sooth her. Some people suggest co-sleeping but that just won't work in our house. Our bedroom doors are only 4 feet apart so at her first sigh I can be at her bedside. We have been practicing threw the day to ask her to hold her pee and she can for about 1/2 an hour, Dr. W said to try to get her to eventually hold it for up to 2 hours. So we are well on our way there. I have started a chart for her that she can earn stickers for and she seems to really like that and it's great encouragement for her.

She is doing really well with her speaking. She is able to explain things to us and we are able to explain things to her as well. She is very very inquisitive and bright. She has learned to play for longer periods of time by herself but only if she knows your close by. At Bedtime she needs to know where you are going to be and what your going to be doing and she seems to settle better when she knows what's going on.

Her appetite is great, she eats just about everything. I was at the Asian Food store the other day and bought some dry Congee to make for her. I made a pot and put it in a bunch of small containers for convent's sake and she ate about 4 in a row! She LOVED the stuff!

Anyway I thought I'd pop on tonight since I had the chance and give a little update.

Hope you all are great and looking forward to what 2010 brings your way. Have an awesome week!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the new room.. looks like the two of you will be spending some days down there having TONS of fun...
Love the snowman.. tooo cute..
and the bows... you do AMAZING work... I can't wait to see Isabella wearing your bows..
Have a great week.. glad they are going to run some tests to figure things out..
Love ya girly...

a Tonggu Momma said...

LOVE your new room! My "work" area is the dining room table. But of course I'm not jealous AT ALL!

Iris said...

aww the inspiration you will cause in people to get ontop of clutter and mess and get organized for 2010.
coffee real soon okay.

The Drinkwaters said...

Those bows are very cute! I can't believe how long her hair is getting!

Adrian said...

I would love to order those KaiLan bows!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Your new room looks great!!

OMG....could she be any cuter?? Love the bows!



Alyson & Ford said...

Love the snow man, the new bows and your activity room. Lots of great things going on for you! Happy 2010!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Marie-Claude said...

Wow, I dream of a scrapbook area..just like yours. That's my new resolution :)
I'd like to order those beautiful bows too.

wendy said...

Wonderful Snowman!!! I have to mention the trampoline in the toy/craft room.. Where did you find such a thing?
And I don't want to forget those beautiful BOWS you really did a wonderful job.
Have a Great Day

Madeleine said...

I love the room!! Oh to have a room with a trampoline AND a craft table. Life is good!

And she is such a cutie pie, with them bows in her hair.

I have to ask, were you guys the ones who, when you got your little girl, she bonded with her daddy? I read so many blogs and I think it was you guys.

Because the same thing happened to us. It was hard, but she is so worth the struggle. We will see how it goes now that he goes back to work.

And Happy New Year!

Madeleine said...

Oh I am so glad to hear that!!

I will wait then...

And she will be 3 in less then 2 weeks. :)

Everytime I come here and see your little one... She is just so adorable!!!

日月神教-向左使 said...