Wednesday, September 09, 2009

3 to go !!! Not Long Now!

Thank You Michelle for letting me play on your blog giveaway. Thanks for the adorable frame, beautiful bracelet and the sweet post you did about what the bracelet meant to you as you made it. Your post brought me to tears. I too hope that one day we will see many more people adopting older children. She also added a few other treats to this package for our sweet girl. Thanks for thinking of us! I have to say as soon as I seen the bracelet I had to put it on...I'll take it off and put it on her when we get to China.

If you would like to have a bracelet made Michelle makes them for 20.00 each. This will be a treasure in our home and a conversation piece. If anyone ever asks where it came from. I will tell them what a wonderful community of bloggy friends I have and how we are truly connected each one of us by a tiny red thread leading us all to a far away land where our hearts hold the hand of a little child with brown hair and beautiful almond shaped brown eyes. Thank you Michelle more than you know.

I spent over an hour last night on the phone with THIS bloggy friend who adopted a toddler a couple of years ago. It was nice to hear her experience. It wasn't the fairy tail that most people believe it to be. I am prepared for that in my heart but to hear someone who had a bit of difficulty seemed to drive it home. Our daughter hasn't been waiting for us for 4 years like we have been waiting for her so we need to know that in all likelihood she will not come running into our arms in slow motion. We have both accepted in our hearts that we need to be what ever she wants us to be for those first couple of weeks until she understands and trusts us. We just don't want to have unrealistic expectations and be disappointed or take it personally. She said her daughter started to grieve right away. I think it is a good think that a child does this so soon. Especially an older child. We would know that she can indeed attach herself to someone. I wouldn't want our daughter to suppress her feelings or think it's wrong to express them.

Our conversation on the phone last night was awesome. She told me lots of wonderful things about how everything panned out and how well her sweet daughter has adjusted. She also gave me some great travel tips such as buy LOTS of shoes and dresses. She had a super easy formula for clothing sizes, you take the size on the garment and divide it by 2 and that will give you the child's age. Another tip was to keep our guide with us in the hotel until we have the Internet up and running in case we need a password from the front desk. All in all it was a wonderful conversation. I'm so glad we had the chance to talk before we leave.

So today I plan to wash the bed clothes, do some cleaning. Go get bed rails and a mattress cover. I need to tie up some loose ends at work and do my quarterly tax return. Call a few people and touch base before we leave and at some point go for a nice long walk in the fresh air. I'm such a heps pass the time ;O).


a Tonggu Momma said...

I am so excited for you! And - regardless of age - some children just really have a difficult time with this adjustment. The fact that you are asking around and preparing yourself as best you can means that you WILL be a great mom for this little gal. Hugs to you... if you can stand still long enough to get hugs. I'd be pacing and jumping and just plain ready to go if I were you.

Adrian Roberta said...

You are soooo ready for this! We are so happy for you and are going to following you every step of the way!!!!!

Michelle said...

You got it before you left. Yay!

3 more days. So excited for you!

One day we are going to adopt an older child. You are an inspiration to me. One day.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

3 more days...
LOVE the braclet.. and wow.. what great goodies..HUGS

Don and Lisa Osborn said...


I stumbled on your blog and I just LOVE when I find out great news like someone who is about to travel and be blessed by adoption. Congratulations!!! I hope your trip will be everything you have dreamed about. It sounds like you've done a great deal of research and emotional preparation.

Many blessings to you~
Mommy to Lindy Li-Xiao
Waiting to adopt her mei mei from Taiwan

Shionge said...

How exciting to see all the goodies and great to know that you have tips and advice from someone walking this same journey as you.

I'm sure it is going to be a wonderful journey.

Tao's Mommy said...

Haha...of course you can use my name. Even though I dont blog anymore, I'm still here. I will be stalking this blog every hour now...ya!!!! Great chattin with you too!!! HUGS