Thursday, September 10, 2009

2 Days or better yet 46 1/2 hours and we are on our WAY!!!

We received our itinerary today. Here is what our trip will look like. It is subject to change so I'm hoping the day we go to the Great Wall will be the 20th instead of the 19th. I was really hoping we would be on the Wall on our anniversary. One of the 7 wonders of the world on our 7th anniversary. Oh well it's close enough we can still claim it. Ok for those of you who don't know China is about 12 hours time difference. So if you go to bed at 7pm we will be just waking up at 7am in China. (edit: there was a mixup on the dates our agency sent for our itinery. It's all fixed now and we DO get to spend our anniversary on the Great Wall!!!)

My heart is beating to a new drum, can't wait to see the Beijing sunrise and feel it's blazing rays on my face as I look toward it, eyes closed, satisfied little smile, taking a big deep breath and release it's sigh of relief that our 4 year wait has almost seen the finish line in victory. That thought makes my heart swell with anticipation.

* Saturday 12th: Leave at 5 am!! Destination China!!!!

*Sunday 13th: Arrive in China!!!

*Monday 14th: 8:35 Depart for Harbin, 11:00 Arrive in Harbin, receive our Jazmyn in the afternoon!!!

*Tuesday 15th: 8:30 Family Picture, Registration at provincial government office, Notarization of Documents.

*Wednesday 16th: 9:00 Administration activities, 2:00 shopping.

*Thursday 17th: 10:00 City tour, Receive child's documents and passport (ask if we can visit the aquarium and the park where she was found.)

*Friday 18th: 1:40 Leave for airport, 4:40 Leave for Beijing, 7:40 arrive in Beijing

*Saturday 19th: 9:00 Children's pictures in the hotel, group picture, assembling documents for Canadian Embassy, Beijing Zoo in the afternoon.

*Sunday 20th: 8:30 The Great Wall, Jade Factory, Cloisonne Factory, Olympic 2008 grounds.

*Monday 21st: 8:00 Children's medical exams (immigration applications only so we are free that morning), The Summer Palace....(Kinda romantic to be at a Palace for our anniversary don't you think!) The silk Factory.

*Tuesday 22nd: 9:00 The Pearl Market, Indoor Market.

*Wednesday 23rd: 9:00 Tienanmen Square, Forbidden City, Receive child's Canadian documents, Good-bye/Birthday Party

*Thursday 24th: Free day...packing and such and depart for Canada in the evening. 12 Hour time change and ....we arive in Toronto at 9:00 pm.

*Friday 25th: Depart from Toronto at 9:00am, arrive in Halifax and depart for Charlottetown @ 3:55 and arrive at 4:30. Home sweet Home, with our daughter!


Anonymous said...

wowwy..thATs a whole lotta stuff.haha..i cant believe its so close!!!i get to see my baby sister soon!!yay!!and fyi props to u for not forgeting anything..hahahahaééit looks pretty well planed out.:)..well me and kenn are obv gunna miss yas a whole bunch!!!but looking forward to our skype convos!!!lol.2 weeks is suck a long time!!like kenn will be 11 months wen u get home!!!CRAZY!heyyyy jaz will be home for her bday!i wonder if it will be her first bday party..or if they had there....well thats exciting/its halloween themed!!!so miss jazzy will need a costume!!!kenns still gunna be the pumpkin princess!and thers gunna be a HUGE CUPCAKE CAKE!!!!!!hahaha thanxx to yer generosity!xoxoxoxox well there i finally left u a comment!hahaa xoxox lvoe u mama.happy for u.."HERES YOUR DOOR.its open and jazmyns hands grabbing out for u mama..almost time to close it..and put a lock on it...xoxoxox love u so much

Debz said...

*GULP*.....thanks Jac (Peter Pan)....I love those last couple of sweetgirl are gonna be the best Jei Jei Jazmyn could ever ask for...I'm gonna miss you...and Miss K like crazy. Can't wait to see you later today.
Hugz Mama (Tink)

Tao's Mommy said...

Do you realize ONLY 4 more sleeps (China time) and your baby girl will be in your arms!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

You are in the home stretch....CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!! That is quite a schedule.....make sure you and the hubby have very comfy walking shoes:)



Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

I am starting to get teary eyed reading your trip details..
I am sooo happy for you..
Love ya girly..

Lesa said...

Man you get her strait off! That is awesome!
From there on you will be busy, busy, busy!
I am slightly confused. Do you guys not have to go for the medical exam and all in Guangzhou? I didn't see that on your itinerary.

You two have a safe and wonderful trip. I'll be watching. Hopefully you can blog from China. Some are having trouble.

Anonymous said...

man oh man I can NOT WAIT to see my neice Jazmyn for REAL!!!!!!! You've felt her kicking in your heart for four years and now your about to actually hold her in your arms. I think it just hit me now.... cause all of a sudden I can't stop crying I"m so happy. God is sooooo Good!!!

Mei Mei, Lori

IS5413 said...

We have been counting down the days with you. We adopted our daughter from Harbin one year ago next week. She was 6 years old at the time. At first it was a little rough as she was so not use to having a family, but, oh, how she loves being in a family now! We are so blessed to have her.
Barbra King
mom to Tovah Beth SunYing King adopted 9/18/08

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

They say that 7 is a good number - so who knows...