Saturday, October 25, 2008


Introducing Kennady with an "A", born October 24th, 08, weighing 4 lbs 11 oz, almost 17 inches long. Mommy and Baby are doing great! She eagerly entered our world 6 weeks early and is a real trooper!
Let me tell you about how it all came about (cause that's what we Nanna's do!).
Monday Jaclyn complained about a bit of pressure. She seen her pediatrician who suggested she cut back her hours. She hadn't worked much in the last couple of days.
Yesterday morning at 5am she woak up and went to the bathroom quite a few times still feeling pressure. Jaclyn who has always been tough and stubborn tried to deal with it until about 7:45am when I heard a little knock on my door. Jac stuck her head in and said. "Mom, I thing I better go to the hospital." I sprung up, dressed, left my bed unmade (unheard of!) and we were at the hospital in less than 15 min. I pulled up as the commissioner came out quickly and grabbed a wheelchair. We rushed in. I did her paperwork while they assessed her. They ran tests and sent us straight up to the pre labor examination room. The nurse explained that it sounded like she may have a bladder infection which sometimes brings about Braxton Hicks. She was having so-called false contractions" at about 4-5 min apart lasting 45 seconds. We waited 30 min. for the pediatrician to arrive. Dr. B checked her over and said her cervix had thinned quite a bit and she was dilated to a "loose 1". They admitted her for 48 hour observation to try to stop the contractions cause at 33 weeks the best place for baby would be right where she is.
IV was administered with added antibiotics to help with the bladder infection. They gave her a suppository to relax her and a needle as a precautionary measure that would help the baby's lungs to develop and produce surfactant to create elasticity. The lungs and bowels are the primary concern with premature babies. At that point I knew they were not letting on it was as serious as it was but I had a hunch. As the day progressed and contractions continued she was given Dilated (sp) for the pain. I called her fiance Tyler as they were admitting her and he came in and stayed with her while I went home to let the dog back in who I left outside!!!! and to gather some things for her and rearrange my clients. I headed back to take Tyler home to eat and shower and told him to meet me outside the front doors. This was at about 4:30 and as I pulled up to the front doors my cell rang.........
Jac: "Mom is Tyler with you yet?"
Me: "Not yet but I see him"
Jac: "Don't bother leaving.....My WATER JUST BROKE.......
Me: "
I drove away from Tyler who was running toward me LOL, parked in the lot, yelled at him that her water broke, ran two flights of stairs, two hallways and there she was sitting pretty as a peach on her bed leaking away.
Her regular pediatrician was now off her shift so they called Dr. F who was there to assess the situation. He did a PH test which clearly indicated it was indeed amniotic fluid. He said the cervix was effacing to wafer thin and she was dilated to 4. He was in hopes that they could still slow down the contractions to at least the next day or so so they could do another needle to help baby produce surfactant to straighten lungs. This shot can only be given 24 hours apart.
My husband was en route from working in Montreal and his flight ended up arriving earlier. He was still 45 minutes away from us when I told him her water broke. He was on his way! I contacted as many friends and family as possible to pray. I was amazingly calm and continually praying protection over Mommy and baby feeling totally confident God had everything under control. Jaclyn was a real warrior through the following 2 hours until one particular contraction where with a room full of visitors she looked my way possibly because I was behind the baby heart monitor, so I coached her through her breathing but knew this one was different. I ran for the nurse and she called the Dr. back to the hospital along with Dr. W (who tends to premature babies.) The room was cleared of visitors and we quickly prepared the room for delivery. Dr. F arrived. Tyler and I stayed at her side. She was in position and Dr. F explained what her wanted her to do. She was clearly going threw excruciating pain so the mask came out and she had a laughing fit until the next contraction where she pushed and cried out in pain then rested until the next contraction where we had encouraged her and she was determined it would be her's head was out so the next push would do it and there she was on mommy's belly after 3 hard pushes. Tyler cut the cord while I marveled with tears streaming down my face at the miracle I'd just witnessed! I was in awe of this beautiful baby and how Mommy was such a warrior.
The baby was taken right away to be checked out and worked on and Dr. F asked her for just one more little push to remove the placenta. Some may think it's gross and Jac and Tyler were some but I just couldn't help but think that it worked like the palm of God's hand to take care of my girls......simply the most beautiful thing to imagine.
Dr. W came in and he said Kennady gave him a bit of a heart attack at first but quickly co-operated and was now breathing on her own. They have her on IV, a feeding tube, heart trace and she is in incubation. They are also giving her antibiotic for the bladder infection mommy had which they believe induced the preterm in the first place. Jac pumped milk to coat baby's belly with colostrum to prepare for food.
They will keep Kennady in the hospital until she would have been 38 weeks. So please keep her in your prayers and thoughts over the next few weeks.
I later found out that our pastor and his wife were here while we were in the labor room and so they prayed with my husband and sister. They were very surprised to get a call only a few minutes after they left that baby was here!
At about 1:00am I decided to come home. I got out of my car in the drive way and stood there looking up at the stars in the sky praising Papa God for taking care of our girls. and making sure everything went smoothly. What an amazing, amazing, amazing God we serve. Thank You Papa God from the bottom of this Nanna and Poppa's heart for answering our prayers.
Needless to say my plans have drastically changed this weekend! Our youth pastor found someone else to help out with the Amazing Race weekend we had planned.
Yes you were all correct Tegan Callie is the name we chose for Kennady's that sounds funny! What wonderful friends they will be....I wonder who will end up being the oldest!?
Ps. Don't forget to add your name to the comment in the post below to win a hoodie!
I'm off to go shopping for my GRAND BABY! and to get Jaclyn some "Non hospitalized" food!
Did I mention that 10 min. after she delivered she ate a whole bowl of fruit! Apparently she worked up and appetite! Enjoy the pics!
Pardon me for not spellchecking....I'm in a bit of a rush to go somewhere ;O)
Have and awesome weekend!!!!!!


Polar Bear said...

Oh My Goodness!!! What a whirlwind way to come into this world!!! Kennady is BEAUTIFUL. She honestly doesn't look six weeks premature in the picture.

Congratulations Nana! I am so happy for ALL of you!
Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...


She is just BEAUTIFUL!!

What a wonderful surprise.....looks like she had her own plan and wanted to meet you all a little earlier than intended!

Enjoy your grandbaby....have a great weekend and please keep us updated. We will Kennady in our prayers!


OH MY #6 said...

wow, awesome! Congratulations to all! enjoy this very happy time!


Dara said...

She is perfect!!!! I love her already!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!!!!Kennady is absolutely beautiful.What wonderful color!!!!Congrats JAC & TYLER!!!Congrats NANNA &POPPY!!!
Hope all is well.Will keep you in my prayers Kennady!!God Bless!!!


Dawn and Dale said...

She's soooooooooo beautiful!!!! Congratulations!!!! :)

I love reading about your praise to God for all that He's done!! There is nothing like a brand new baby that just makes you feel like you couldn't be any closer to Him if you tried!!! :) LOVE it!!!



Briana's Mom said...

She is a beautiful miracle!!! Congratulations Nanny! I am so happy for you!!!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Congratulations Nana,Jaclyn,Tyler and Shane..
Sounds like Jaclyn did a WONDERFUL job..
Love the pictures..
Kennady is beautiful..
I was tearing up while reading..
Hugs girly.
Have fun..

kerri said...

Kennady is adorable!!
What a beautiful blessing, enjoy every second!!!

Janet said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you! That is sooooome story!!!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Congrats, Nanna!!!

Special K said...

Congrats to the new parents! And the new grandparents too. :)

Glad to hear she's doing well in spite of her early arrival.

PS. Love the names Kennady and Tegan. Of course, Teagan is my nephew's name so I'm a little biased.

geminirn said...

CONGRATULATIONS To the proud parents and very proud grand parents,she is absolutly beautiful(does not look pre mature).love both names and can not wait to see aunties face now.

Anonymous said...

Bless you happy Nana. from one Nana to another.

Made in China said...


3D said...


What an event! Welcome to the world Kennady!

Keep smilin!

Lesa said...

OMG, Deb! What a wonderful story, and she is just gorgeous!!!


Kristy said...

Congratulations Nanna!!! This post has me crying like a baby at my computer. I am so happy for all of you and you are right God is AWESOME!!! I cherish the way he loves us, I will say a prayer for Kennady!! She's a Beauty!1

Love and blessings, Kristy

Ashley Winters said...

Congratulations! How wonderful!

Shannon said...

Congratulations! What an amazing birth story, I wasn't prepared to see that post for awhile! Kennady is lovely and she, Jaclyn and Tyler in my prayers! You, Nanna, you go shop!!!!! So thrilled at such preciousness!
P.S. Tegan Callie is a beautiful name for K's auntie!
Wow! I can't stop smiling!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Nanna!!! Kennady is absolutely beautiful!!!

Kristin Hager said...

how wonderful & congratulations to all. She is a beautiful baby!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Congrats Nanna... you are allowed to do ANYTHING you want now... cause you are a Nanna... though remember... you have to do those cute Nanna things... and smell like a Nanna too...

aunt mary said...

love to all of you, kennady you are beautiful.hope to see you all soon all our love and best wishes aunt mary and uncle jim xoxoxoxoxxxxoxoxxxxoxxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxo