Thursday, October 30, 2008

Little Up-date

Thank you everyone for your congrats on baby Kennady. She is still in incubation and actually today they put her under ultraviolet lighting to remedy her jaundice which I guess is not unusual for premature babies. So with all the lights on her they had to put something over her little eyes. They also took the IV out of her belly button because it was drying up nicely, which is good but they had to shave a little patch on her dear little head for the IV, so with a feeding tube up her tiny nose and the three little wires hooked up to her belly for her heart I took a couple of pics but I can't bare to post them and break every ones heart, but here is one that I took today of her little feet. Please keep her in your prayers.

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Here is a picture that I took yesterday, before they put the IV in her head. She was a happy camper in her little tropical cocoon. Mommy and Daddy have been holding her a few times a day for her to get used to their smell and their voices. The nurses are recommending that they be the only ones to hold her right now............can you feel my pain!

So I had me a little retail therapy. I bought some cute things for her then a lil sumpin sumpin for Nanna.......breaking in a new pair of shoes will take your mind off a lot of things...ouch! The black and white ones are really cute and the dark brown ones look just blaaa until you wear em with jeans! This Nanna is gonna be stylin'!
Jac and Ty have decided it's time to get their own place. They were originally planning to each stay home until after Christmas but once they realised all the puttering and carting around they would have to do to get together they realized it was just going to be too hard. This way they will have the apartment all set and ready for when Kennady "Von" (they decided on her middle name yesterday) is ready to leave the hospital, which will be about 3-4 weeks I'd say. It's going to be nice to see them spread their wings. I'll be over their all the time for the first little bit helping them get settled in.

Halloween is what 2 days away? Which means my draw is up! Did you post a comment in this post to win a hoody? I'll see if I can maybe get one of my trick or treaters to draw the name out of a pumpkin or something. I made a point of getting out and getting treats just yesterday. This year I was so pleased to see that they were not only selling candy and chips etc. but also little toys! I purchased chips,candy, play doe and little 15 piece puzzles! Sounds like a lot but that's ok we only get about 20 kids so one bag of candies and one box of chips was enough. I managed to find time to decorate the house! :o) I don't do it scary, I do it more harvesty.

My BIL is doing great! Still working on a little surprise for him and his family and I can hardly contain myself! I'm so excited to tell you what it is! But alas I cannot yet. As soon as I get the OK you'll be the first to know.

Hope to hear some good rumors in the next few days of a possible cut off date for referrals. Praying for a BIG batch. They surprised us the last two months so I'm ready for another one or a miracle!


Nadine said...

I can't believe I missed your previous post. I went back and read it. Congratulations Nanna. She's so cute.

I will be praying for her that she strengthens in body and spirit and that she gets to come sooner than expected.

OH MY #6 said...

She is beautiful!

Love those shoes.

Lots of prayers your way!


Briana's Mom said...

Kennady is so beautiful and precious. I am saying a prayer for her. Hope you get to hold her soon!!

Polar Bear said...

The picture of the tootsie is precious!! I hope before you know it you're snuggling with sweet Kennady.

Love the shoes. Very cute!

Thanks for the update.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Kennady is soooo beautiful..
Glad she is doing well..
LOVE the shoes..
I am in the drawing and can't wait..
Have a Great Week.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Such beautiful pictures Deb....I will keep her in my prayers!!

Cute are one stylin Nana!!

Can't wait to see who wins the hoodie!


geminirn said...

AWWWWWWW! What a precious little angel she is!!You are gonna make one stylin looking young Nanna in those shoes!

Anonymous said...

She's just BEAUTIFUL!!! ...and who can resist those precious, tiny, little feet?!!!

kerri said...

Love the pic of Kennady's little feet, so sweet!!
So glad your BIL is doing great too!!
The shoes are very hot, your one stylin' Nana, so glad you treated yourself. ;)
Happy Halloween!