Saturday, October 20, 2007

Happy Saturday!

Thanks to Kristin! I was her secret pal for the first year we did SP...She some how knew my birthday was coming and sent me a sweet gift!

Kristin you said in your card you thought I might like Tinkerbell, well I gotta tell you Tink and I go a long way back! Check HERE. My daughter and I have made that our special movie since she was a little girl. I call her Pan and she calls me Tink. I guess Tink is the voice of reasoning so I got tagged. She is 20 now but, once in a while we still use our pet names. ;O) (I went out one time in my younger years and got a tattoo of Tink on my upper leg where no one can see it unless I wear a bathing suit. One of my many regrets as a youngin..) The socks are sweet and thanks for the note cards, but more than that I just love that you thought of me. Thanks for making me feel special.

I was flipping through the mail this morning and came across the Canadian Family magazine inside was an article about a little girl Hanna Taylor who is 11 years of age and lives in Winnipeg. She started what she calls the Ladybug Foundation to aid in helping homeless, hungry people.

Hannah has already spent half her life helping the homeless. " When I was five years old I saw a man eating out of a dumpster," says Hannah. "I was in the backseat of my mom's car, and I asked her what he was doing." That encounter stayed with Hannah, who could not get the image of the man out of her head, and who could not sit idly by.

She started her quest by the age of six and today the Ladybug Foundation supports 35 missions, shelters and organizations that help homeless people across Canada. Hannah has become a regular on the talk circuit, speaking at schools, business conferences and events to crowds as large as 16,000. Through her foundation, she has helped raise $1 million for front line services meeting the needs of Canada's homeless.

In 2008, Hannah and the Ladybug Foundation will be launching a national education project called Make Change. "It teaches children from kindergarten to Grade 12 how to make a difference," says Hannah. " What we do at the Ladybug Foundation is just one way."
Her story is heart warming. I just love when little ones step up to the plate and teach us older ones a lesson in life. What an inspiration she is. Ironically off I go today to the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen as it our groups Saturday to lend a helping hand.


Nadine said...

What an amazing little girl. Can you imagine what she can accomplish when she's 20, 30 or 40.

amy said...

what a wonderful post and rock and I love your blogroll. I now need to see who I need to add to mine

redmaryjanes said...

That little girl is just amazing.

mommy24treasures said...

oh thank you or sharing the info!
I too love seeing children make a difference in the world. I am going to go check it out.

Nikki & Larry said...

Very thoughtful gifts!

This little girl is amazing! Her heart is definitely in the right place!

Smiles! :o)