Monday, October 22, 2007

Tagged with I Remember....

Gosh, I have been tagged by ummmmm? Oh Yeah! Red Mary Janes! LOL. Ok seriously I have to stop and think cause I've read a couple of these lists and I don't want to repeat anything they said.

I remember playing with the Weeble Wobble Tree House.

I remember when people would come over to visit and give you a couple of coins out of their pocket and you would run to your Colonel Saunders piggy bank.

I remember balloon pants with the zipper at the ankle. Ewww!

I remember when the farmer's didn't mind you making forts in their corn fields. ( Never to be done again after watching "Children of the Corn"!!)

I remember when Hostess made cherry, orange and grape flavored potato chips. It was short lived! ick!

I remember playing "Nicky, Nicky Nine Doors" and getting caught red handed on more than one occasion!

I remember when the soap opera Texas went off the air. :o(

I remember my first real kiss..... grade 8 at K. Tuplins' house!! The lights went out and M. Biggar FRENCH kissed my NOSE!!! lol lol lol......

I remember the taste of my grandma's homemade bread....mmmmmm......I can smell it now.

I remember when you wanted something really big, you had to wait til Christmas to get it.

I remember when kids in the neighborhood could go out and play for hours on end and our parents didn't worry.

I remember taking my tin lunch can to school and not wanting the cool kids to see me with it....paper bags were in...

I remember in 1979 they said the world was going to end...I was petrified.

I remember when we were one of the only homes in Victoria By The Sea without indoor pluming....remember this.

I remember sneaking under the couch after bedtime to watch Gilligan's Island when my mom and dad weren't looking.

I remember my dads Eskimo kisses.

I remember watching Star Wars and The Circus with Donnie and Marie Osmond with my brother and sister every Sunday when we would go visit my grandparents.

I remember the Dicky Dee ice cream bicycle.

I remember the bookmobile too!

I remember digging a hole trying to get to China......little did I know!

If you took the time to read this consider your self tagged! Leave me a comment so I can check out your list!


Janet said...

I did this one too....I love your memories. I had a lot of the same ones. Except no one has ever French kissed me ON THE NOSE! LOL!

Steffie B. said...

Too your blinking duck BTW! ;)

Elisa, Jarrod, Thomas & Zoe said...

Thanks for sharing your great memories...they were a fab read!

Lisa said...

Wow what a walk down memory lane. My dear hubby works for Frito-Lay which held the Hostess brand and he worked witht the guy who came up with those flavors. He has never lived it down. He took a real ribbing at his retirment.
Thanks for the memories.

Shionge said...

Cool :D With this picture of colonel I remembered he was stolen from Kentucky Fried Chicken store when KFC was here in Singapore back in the 70s hahahah...

OziMum said...

Great memories! I hope the young fella didn't get more than he bargained for, french kissing your nose - thats so funny!!!

redmaryjanes said...

Those are great memories. I loved Weebles and still am a big fan of the Colonel.
That first nose french kiss...who could forget that one??? :)

mommy24treasures said...

lovely memories... I did the I remember too, its still a draft not posted yet, a work in progress:)

Jeter Mama said...

first of all, the pic of the Webble Wobble Tree house brought back some wonderful memories - oh how I loved my treeho0use - would play with it for hours.
and your line:
I remember when you wanted something really big, you had to wait til Christmas to get it.


Lesa said...

Hi Deb,

I'll have to do this one. I haven't ever been tagged before.
I like one of the others that commented will have to do it a little at a time.
So many wonderful memories and I had some of the ones you had.