Thursday, November 23, 2006

Peter Pans Growed up :o(

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI am a little bummed out these days, Jaclyn has decided to move to Charlottetown. She has been traveling every day for College and it would be safer for the winter, but you see I was never prepared for the day my daughter would go out on her own, how will she survive without her mommy to take care of her?
Jaclyn and I have been connected at the hip since she was born, her dad and I separated when she was two so it was just her and I until I met Shane and even then we were glued together.
The movie Peter Pan was our favorite, she was Peter Pan who was never to grow up and I was Tink who kept her safe and guided her threw lifes ups and downs. I remember putting her to bed when she was at the age where things went "bump in the night" and I would have to pretend I was putting pixy dust over her bed to protect her and to help her to sleep.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The teen years struck and I was the cool Mom for awhile cause I was the youngest Mom of all her friends, but soon she realized I was the most strict when it came to enforcing the rules (You see she couldn't pull wool over my eyes cause I played all the games not so long ago myself!) Once she hit about 15 I wasn't so cool anymore. I remember moving out of home and soon after my Mom became my bestfriend. I guess this is what is supposed to happen next so I'll be patient and wait. (Something I've become very good at these days.)
Last night she asked if I wanted to watch a movie with her and I jumped at the opportunity to spend some Mom time with her(doesn't happen often enough), so we watched "HOOK" I started crying at the scene where Wendy lady looked up at Peter and said " Oh My! Peter you have grown."
I think she is having a bit of a hard time with it too, because this morning on the counter was a book, she had gone to the trouble of searching through some old boxes to find the "Little golden book" of Peter Pan that I bought her when she was little, inscribed inside is this! "1992 this little golden book belongs to Jaclyn MacCallum, This book is one of your favorites. I'm sure I read it a hundred times. Love Mommy"
I just cannot believe those days are gone, I am really feeling empty nest syndrome right now. It is so hard sometimes to go to a new chapter in life when it is such a life changing event. I know she will be back to visit and she is only 45 minutes away but it will never truly be the same, I can only hope and pray that she takes everything good that I have tried to instill in her down this path of her new life. She really is a remarkable young woman, I see wonderful things in her future.
There was something she said to me once that I truly hate to admit but it is true was "Every time we go through something whether good or bad it always brings us closer together" I never wanted to admit to her she was right for fear she would think if she did something wrong I would have condoned it.
There is one detail with this move that is not settling well within my heart that I am not at liberty to speak about. The move is taking place on Saturday so if you think of us we really need prayer to get us all through this.
I know my nest won't be empty forever,and I trust that God will take care of her, so with this hope, Jesus by my side, a loving husband, a wonderful daughter, a caring family, and great friends this season in my life will pass and there will be a lifetime of happiness still ahead.
Thanks for listening to me I feel better getting it off my chest.
I'll be praying for all of you who are awaiting referrals this month. God Bless


Kim said...

Hi Deb...I am sitting here with tears in my eyes, as I too can remember Hook with Jaclyn, was there ever any other movie she watched??? I can't imagine that one you have being the original VHS tape from long ago, I bet that one was worn out. I found out yesterday that I am going to have Mike in school for one more year. No graduating this year. I was a bit heartbroken but at the same time more year at home before sending him out into the world. one more year to teach him to be a man. Maybe I will send him out to visit you , so you can teach him some of your wisdom. Don't worry about Jac...she will be just fine on her own....look who she had for a've done a great job Deb and look at it this way ...your get to do it all over again very soon....kimmer

Doris & Dan Clark said... sorta sad for your empty nest but exciting for Jaclyn as she steps out into the world. I am sure this will bring you closer together. Sounds like you have a very special relationship.

Keep smilin!

Dawn and Dale said...

I don't even want to begin to think about the day my boys leave home!!

I can only imagine how your heart is feeling. I will pray that everything goes well!

Bless you,


Kennedy's mom said...

Debbie, thanks for keeping us in your prayers. We will also keep you all in our prayers too, especially Jaclyn, with her move to Charlottetown.

Lee-Anne said...

How sweet! Jaclyn will be fine!!! She's only a phone call away!

Janet said...

Oh, you poor mom! I can only IMAGINE what I will be like when my kids move out. A COMPLETE BASKET CASE! A big weepy mess. A sobbing puddle of...well....tears. I wish your baby girl all the best as she moves! And I wish her MOm the strength that she needs to get past the initial lonliness. My prayers are with you both!

Janet T.
(dreading the day my kids move out- but it's a good step, really it is!)

Tracey & Mike said...

What a bitter-sweet time. I can't imagine my little papaya venturing out on her own. But how exciting for your daughter - with the whole world out there in front of her. My dh always tells me they're only ours to borrow, not to keep and that the best we can do is to raise them the best that we can and to hope they come back to us a friends. It sounds like you're a wonderful mother & though I don't really know you I have no doubt (through the love you express for each other)that Jaclyn will always come back as your friend. : )

Ann said...

Aww this must be so hard for you. I remember when I left home at 19 and I was moving so far away. My parents had cb's connected to me and they were still there as I drove away. I'm sure your not so little girl will be on the other end still listening for her Mommy. I know I was.

kim said...

My heart breaks for you!! I dont want to think about the time when Channing moves out-heck it already brings a tear to my eye and she hasnt even moved IN!!! There comes a time when they need to open their wings and fly....thank god Jaclyn isnt flying far. I sure hope things work out for her (but she will be back). I left home when I was 19 (mom & dad helped back my bags....just joking) and I moved to University in the US, but I came home 1 year later. She'll be fine and I wish her all the best and Momma will have to go for some drives and stock the fridge

ladybugmommy said...

Hey Debbie, I have tears in my eyes just thinking about going through that time with Savannah. I want her close by me all the time. There is a special bond with Savannah and I as I had her when I was young as well. I will be praying for you. Take care,

Drea said...


I can't even imagine what that day will be like for me! I actually cried about it a week after Spencer was born! How CRAZY am I?!

Robin said...

Hi Deb,

I'm sitting here all teary eyed as I read your post. I hope your baby's move this past weekend went well for both of you. I can totally relate to this story as my daughter and I are also connected at the hip. I was "uncool" for awhile too because I was so strict but she still calls me every single day while she walks to class. She calls me about the good times and the not so good times. My little girl is also only 45 minutes away. The first year she was gone, she didn't come home much but this year, she comes home almost every single weekend. Just this past weekend, we went to the movies together.. just the two of us. I'll be praying for you! Everything will be "OK"..


Stacy said...

How lucky your daughter is to have such a mom. I hope all went well this past weekend.