Monday, January 15, 2007

7 Months down!!! & Tagged

7 months down and hopefully no more than 10 to go. I painted our lid on the wall before the 1st coat!!!!

I was tagged by Drea and Natalie so here it is.
A - Available or Taken: Taken
B - Best Friend: Well Shane of course then Jo
C - Cake or Pie: Cherry Pie!!!!! Yum
D - Drink of Choice: Well a week ago I'd have said coffee but I'm tring to cut back. So herbal tea's are my new craze.
E - Essential Item You Use Everyday: My toothbrush I'm a fanatic.
F - Favorite Color: green and brown
G - Gummy Bears or Worms: Bears.
H - Hometown: Victoria by the Sea
I - Indulgence: Lately, all the treats I made @ Christmas time "Little Debbie" needs to be careful or she'll be "Little bit Bigger Debbie"
J- January or February: February, Month of LOVE
K - Kids and Names: Jaclyn Jean Rose, and soon to be Callie(not sure if 1st or middle name yet)
L - Life Incomplete Without: My Family
M - Marriage Date: Sept. 20/2002
N - Number of Siblings: 2 sister and a brother, I'm in the middle.
O - Oranges or Apples: Both but if ya want to get sticky about it oranges
P - Phobias or Fears: speaking in public
Q - Favorite Quote: When someone asks me what I'm doing but they already know "Bakin a cake"
R - Reason to Smile: Jesus
S - Season: Summer hands down
T - Tag 4 People: "M", Liam and Sherry, Lee-Anne, and anyone else who hasn't been tagged.
U - Unknown Fact About Me: I took square dancing in school and I actually liked it.
V - Veggie You Don't Like: Turnips for sure! Shane hates them too!
W - Worst Habit: Snapping and cracking my knees. I knoe I know I have to stop I'm short enough!
X - X-rays: Teeth and back
Y - Your Favorite Food: Hot chicken wings with 1st degree hot sauce.
Z - Zodiac: ZEBRA!!!!!!!!!! LOL I actually don't believe in this stuff, my fate and who I am is in the hands of the Lord.


Doris & Dan Clark said...

Happy 7 Month LID-iversary!

Keep smilin!

Krista said...

Oh my gosh... I thought you really painted that on the wall when I saw that pic! LOL!

Happy 7 Months!!

Lindsey said...

Alright! Another month down!! Congrats on reaching 7 months LID =)

chicknboy said...

Yay! Congrats on your 7 mo. Lid-versary!

Made in China said...

Good job! I drink alot of herbal tea too. My current fave is President's choice Morocan green tea with mint - it's delish AND good for you!


Shannon S said...

No you didn't! 7 LID is truly the undercoat?! You are so fun! Doncha love knowing your LID finally so you can count it down?! Makes you realize time really flies...well overall at least!