Friday, January 12, 2007

CNN Scolded

I Can pretty much guarntee every person who is involved in China adoptions has seen or read the transcripts from both of the CNN broadcasts, but for those friends and family who haven't seen or heard about it and were interested here are the transcript links to the two segments.
Below is a letter I sent in to CNN before they aired the second segment reguarding the new changes to be implicated as of May 1, 07 from the CCAA, ( If you want a copy of the new rules e-mail me and I'll send it to you) they recieved thousands of e-mails.
Even after the second segment I was not totally satisfied, I felt Ronald still could have made a jesture to at least say he was sorry for ruffling feathers.

Paula Zahn,and CNN
Where do I even start! I have so many emotions and
could take this down so many angles, I would really
like to scold you along with everyone else who is
doing so but I'm sure there is nothing I could say
that hasn't already been said so instead I would like
you to understand why my husband and I want to adopt.
We have been together since 1998, married in 2002,
built our home and got settled and that next Christmas
2003 decided to add to our family. After trying to
conceive and I mean trying, (we used ever method we
could think of but none were effective) we thought we
would further investigate and went for many lenghty
tests and second opinions only to find out we would
not have a child biologically. I was devastated, my
heart was shrivelling up inside me in desperate
disappointment. Here we are heading into our late
30's, people our age had their families or were
currently successful in conceiving. In our Church of
approximately 235 people 8 were pregnant, now there
are another 9 expecting, other friends were marring
and having babies before us and we were left there
with empty arms. I sat at the computer April 2005 and
googled adoption. I didn't want to waist any more time
than we already had, so what was going to be the
fastest way to grow our family? You guessed it, we
waisted no time starting our home-study the longest
paper roller coaster you could ever endure. You have a
lot of things you have to collect for the home-study
and many appointments with a designated social worker,
biographies for each adopting parent and then before
you package it up and send it to be translated to
Chinese you have to write a "Letter of intent" to the
China Centre of Adoption Affairs, now listen carefully
everything you write in this particular letter is
going to be translated into another language and
Chinese at that! so you have to be very careful how
you word this. How do you think they would have
accepted seeing a letter that said we want a China
doll who will excel in school and grow up to take over
the family business!!!! ! Come on Paula and water
cooler panel you speak ENGLISH and have misinterpret
our intentions. I just want a baby to raise just a
baby to love, it is the only cure to the aching in my
arms and the mending of my heart and the desire in my
soul. I am not looking for a future insurance or
security thank you very much. nor will I place a high
expectation on my child that exceeds what any bio
parent would place on their child.. I once not too
long ago had a dream that I was in my room on a
rocking chair holding my adopted baby in my arms , I
remember my heart was swelling in my chest and she was
cuddling into my neck, I put my cheek on the top of my
babies head and just loved her with my soul . When I
woak up I felt so wonderful, a feeling till that point
I have been yearning to feel. I did not have the urge
in my dream to look at her face to see what race she
was, it didn't matter she was mine ... born in my
heart is how she was conceived. They say blood is
thicker than water I say Love is thicker than blood.
I urge you to go on line and look at adoption web
sites and blogs and see if you can find me one parent
who is adopting for any other reason but to fulfil a
desire burning deep in the pit of their heart to
have a child to hold in their arms. I know, that I
know, in my knower that you will be deeply touched by
the love and compassion that we share on our sites,
and you may very well sing a new tune. I just want a
baby and I need to fulfil this desire in my heart
asap. If adopting from Canada or the U.S was as
organized and efficient as China's polices we may have
considered. CCAA emphasizes on efficiency,
effectiveness and quality, they have put unremitting
effort to achieve this. So Why China you ask?
Because That is Where my Daughter is!
If you keep a video library for your children's
viewing pleasure for when they grow up I would suggest
not adding this one to that list as it is not one I'd
take much pride in . Adoption from China is a matter
of the heart for my husband and I . I Just wanted to
be transparent to you so you could hear it from
another point of view. As a Christian I believe that
we cannot conceive a child because God has certain
people picked out and placed on his agenda to fulfil
the mission he has planned for the orphans of this
world and I am honoured to be a part of this divine
plan, and who better to pick than parents who have a
aching in their soul to have children to raise in a
loving Christian home. ........TO LOOK AFTER THE
Lord, our decision to adopt a child wasn't entirely an
act of obedience and service to you . We want to have
a baby! But how totally awesome is it that you provide
adoption as a way to unite a childless family with a
child who does not have one. I believe adoption is
100% your idea. A debt of gratitude we owe to you for
choosing us to as parents to adopt one that you have
created, thank you for blessing us by doing something
that will in turn bless you. Amen
Thanks for taking the time to hear my heart CNN.
Deb and Shane Gallant


ladybugmommy said...

I had to go get some kleenex...that was beautiful Debbie. I was especially touched by the picture you painted of rocking your little one and not caring what race that baby is so true. Loving your child has nothing to do with skin color or IQ. You did a wonderful job explaining your beliefs in such a poignant way. Well done...I hope they listen.
P.S. Thanks for your comments on my blog.

Ann said...

That was awesome and very well put. Did they respond?

Debbie & Kirk said...

I really hope they respond to you!

(14 more sleeps)