Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Weekend Stuff

Shane returned home safely on Sunday night 11:00pm from the Cry in Ottawa, he had a great time, there were a few moments that were pretty intense with children praying for their generation.
He said they had a demonstration on the untold story of "FALUN DAFA" in China ( Nuff said) if you want to know any more go to http://faluninfo.net or http://falunhr.org.
The bus ride there was great he said. They sang and prayed and told stories even the bus driver joined in. On the way home they switched bus drivers and he was strict and bossy and mean and drove like a maniac he said so they were pretty up set and plan to report him for his careless driving. They felt a little slimed at that point but it didn't seem to dampen his spirits any.
Sunday afternoon my sis and I went to the PEI adopt potluck and BBQ, at Natalie and Daniels house. We had a great time as always, few new faces, so many sweet little ones! They were totally occupied the entire time with water balloons, a couple of the adults got in on it. There were a few who weren't able to make it but man if they did it would have been one really packed house! There was ALOOOOOT of food. Bet Nat and Dan won't have to cook for a week. Natalie brought out her referral papers and I read them cover to cover , I teared up when I got to the page that said APON ARRIVAL as that explained the state she was in, I think her bio mom must have really loved her. She was dressed in two sets of clothes (not unusual) and seemed very happy. I can't wait to see her. She has a poll on her blog of when you think she will get TA (Travel Approval). Next on our referral list for PEI is the Clow family Carolyn, Marvin and "YAZ" their doggy. I pray they will get Kennedy before Christmas.
Today Is my day off and I plan to attempt to make a trial quilt, I am petrified but am always up for a challenge!
I'll keep you updated. Unless I get side tracked..... which can happen....I might have to go find those trees again with the Saskatoon berries on them, they look like a blueberry but they are sweeter, when my sis and I went for a walk Sunday we came across a few trees of the and they were hanging off the branches like grapes. They are supposed to be really good for making wine! If I go back I'll try to take a picture to show you.

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