Friday, July 14, 2006


My hubby and nephew left at 5 am this morning to get on a bus of 55 youth and young adults and chaperones to head to Parliament Hill, Ottawa.
In August, 2002 thousands were compelled by the spirit to gather in Ottawa to lift a CRY before heaven.
They prayed fervently. They praised passionately. They danced wildly. They sang. They met with GOD.
With one voice they lifted their CRY and asked Jesus to bring His Dominion in Canada in their generation.
We believe the spirit of God is listening and longing to hear this cry again.
ON JULY , 2006 ALL DAY The CRY will be resurrected!
You can watch it live on the HILL WEB CAM.
Or check out on the web " CRY 2 Him"
I'll have the web cam on all day to see if I can find my honey! He said he would be sitting under a red and white WILSON umbrella. I wish I could have gone, it looks like it is going to be very exciting!
Passionate worship & prayer will be led by First Nations, French Canadian, immigrant Canadian & 3-4th generation Canadian youth/young adults as well as national leaders.
For information on speakers and worship bands stay tuned at


Carol said...

Got your link from Catherine's comments. I am a friend of Catherine's. Saw that you live in PEI and we are travelling to NS next week for a visit with friends and hope to visit PEI for a day at least. Any suggestions from a local as to what we MUST see in our one day trip? I have lots of books but we don't necessarily want to do all the touristy stuff. My link is


Dawn and Dale said...

WOW!! That is soooo cool!!!!! How awesome would it be to be there and experience all that in person??!!!

I bet they are truly touched there and come home totally re-fueled!

I'll be praying tomorrow too!!


Doris & Dan Clark said...

Hope it was a safe and enjoyable trip!

Did you see him on the Hill Cam?

Keep smilin!

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

I saved a picture from the cam on my puter so he could show me where he was. He was back on the left with the group.
He had a great time.

"M" said...

That sounds wonderful. :) Thanks for your encouragement, too. Today is a little better so far. (I think I'm going to add your blog to my list, if that is ok) You are a doll!