Monday, June 26, 2006

Thanks Jasmin, more than you will ever know!

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Yesterday was my first time teaching Sunday School for our summer "Shine 06" program,
We did a lesson for the kindergarten to grade 4 students on truth and fiction, we wanted them to understand that some books have fictional stories and some real factual stories,(Bible stories verses fictional story books), so as an exercise we asked each child to tell something true in" their" lives so each child took their turn telling something about their parents or pets or sibling and then we would say something related that was not true so that they could understand true from false.
Jasmin, (this sweet little girl who's parents are friends of ours) sat beside me curled into my shoulder was the last one to go because we started to my left . I said to her "Jasmin, tell us something true in your life" and she pressed her finger on her lips and then pointed at me and said "She is having a baby!!" I was so touched that she thought of me as a part of her life that I almost cried right there! So the false part of her story was that the baby was in my belly. Well you could have bought be for a nickel then and there, I was proud as a peacock to have her hanging off my arm! Kids are so cute sometimes!!!!
Thanks JASMIN you made my day!!!
Carrie (Jasmins Mommy) was in on Saturday for an appointment and she and Jasmin made this scrapbook page for the memory book and 100 Good wishes quilt. They also gave me a lolly pop with a picture of a ladybug inside. Thanks Howatt family with" Special thanks to Jasmin! "


Shannon S said...

So sweet!! Grabs right at your heart.

Stacy said...

What a special moment. Kids do say the most amazing things!

Dawn and Dale said...

Ahhh!! Sooo cute!!

Stacy said...

Yeah!!! The ticker looks great!

Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

Ahh that's so lovely, I am a sunday school teacher too!
It is only a small class but it gives me a great deal of satisfaction.

Lori said...

God blesses us in so many ways but it sure is a special blessing when it's done through the pure heart a child.

Your Mei Mei

kim said...

Hi Deb,
If your still looking for squares to swap I would love to send you one. I have just began my quilt project, so am on the HUNT for squares....Let me know!!!