Thursday, June 22, 2006

Class of 2005-2006

Young lady, my daughter,my joy and my heart, you reached the end only to find a new start.
The world sees the young lady with her charm and her smile, but behind the lady, I will always see my child...........I love you so much Jack ,
You have made us very proud!

Jaclyn always remember Heather Moyse's message to the graduates "If someone tells you something can't be done prove them wrong".
JOB WELL DONE! Posted by Picasa


Stacy said...

Congratulations Jaclyn!!! Best of Luck in all you choose to do!

ladybugmommy said...

Congratualtions to you all...what a beautiful girl and a proud moment.

Dawn and Dale said...

What great pictures!!!


You must be so excited to start this journey all over again with your new baby girl!!!

Lee-Anne said...

Congrats Jaclyn! All that hard work from over the years has paid off! Now you can sit back and relax (ha ha ha!)


Shannon S said...

Well done, Jaclyn! What an exciting time in your life!

BTW, that cake is beautiful...
another masterpiece by hubbie?!! =)

Anonymous said...
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