Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Why can't impatience be a virtue?

I got impatient with the translation of our file(two weeks turned into four) and e-mailed FOI. I know they have alot of things going on right now, so I'm not blamimg them. But impatience got me Answeres!

Hi There,
Hope you all had a great long weekend. I was just poking my nose in to see how things are going with our file, and wondered if you had an expected "date" that you may be sending it back to PEI.

Deb, Shane;

Your dossier is half way through the authentication process. We expect it to be complete next Tuesday. A few days later -- likely Friday -- we'll be sending it to PEI to forward to China.

You'll get a letter listing your next chores and your probable travel companions.
Bob. So I hope we will be DTC by the 15th of June or before. It's just nice to know we are almost there.
I'm a Momma on a mission!!!
Ain't nothing gonna break my stride! Ain't nothing gonna hold me down, oh no ,Got to keep on moving......... Who wrote that song anyway?


Danielle said...

Hello there! I am commenting on your blog, because I wish to adopt from China myself someday. Hope it goes well for you. If you haven't already, check out the Complete Idiot's Guide to Adoption- they have neat ideas on there on how to pass time during waiting periods. Also, some good children's books for your child, when she comes- "When You Were Born in China", and "I Love You Like Crazy Cakes." You can buy both together on Amazon for a discounted price. Some other good books for you all- The Lost Daughters of China by Karin Evans, and "Wanting a Daughter, Needing a Son". Good luck to you all.

Kennedy's mom said...

Debbie, Who sings that song? Well, you had me curious (I'm an 80's girl too) so I asked Marv and he didn't know (he knows music pretty well)...then I googled it. It's Matthew Wilder. Who knew? Never heard of the guy. Good song though.

Good luck with your file.

Dawn and Dale said...

WOW!! Hope all the papers are ready to go soon!!!!