Friday, May 26, 2006

Touched by an Angel

Well I had a nice surprise last night, I tried to stay awake to watch the hockey game (peaked my interest when I heard the Oilers have 1/2 the team down with the flu) and I fell asleep into the 3rd period. *Darn* They lost because one of their fans fell asleep!!! Ok, anyway I got up from the chair at 1:00 am (thanks Hubby for carrying me to bed! HUH! You used to) I got to my bed and *Bam* I was wide awake! I hate it when that happens, so I thought I would turn the TV on til I fell asleep. I turned to the women's network and "Touched by an Angel" was on, it was about a couple in the States who couldn't have a child and decided to adopt from China!! It was so sweet, sad, exciting, happy,ect,ect,ect. I fell asleep with such peace! I love it when you are at the right place at the right time! Coincidence no way* Godincidence *I believe so.


Stacy said...

I hate when that happens, but you are right it was 'perfect' timing. I used to watch that show every week. I would love to see that episode. I thought I saw them all?!? Maybe at the time it didn't register as being important. Life is interesting.

Dawn and Dale said...

My friend called me half way through the episode to tell me it was on. I was too busy to sit down and watch it right then so I looked through my satelite listings to see if it was on again later that evening.

It said it was going to be on again at 1 am. I decided I'd tape it.

My little guy woke up with leg aches and I FORGOT TO RECORD IT!!!

I was sooo mad the next day!!

Now my friend is frantically trying to help me find the episode on the net somehow!

Glad you got to catch it!!

So cool with little "coincedences" like that happen hey??

Dawn (BC Canada)