Tuesday, May 30, 2006

On the Ninth Cloud!

Well! Today is the day that our agency said they would be done of translating.
YAHOO! I am anticipating it being sent back to PEI for Provincial seals by Friday, as it was stated in an earlier post by our agency.
My sister has graciously devoted her time over the last few months to organizing a benefit concert on behalf of our adoption, We are so grateful it brings me to tears ( REALLY). The concert will be at the Jubille theatre, on Sunday, June 4th. It starts at 7:00pm. Doors open at 6:30 for silent auction. There is no admission at the door, it will be free will offering inside.
A Christian band *Ninth Hour* has offered to play on our behalf, They are awesome you have to check them out! Click Ninth Hour under my favorite blogs to sample their tunes. The singer Chris and his lovely wife Tammy( also a great contribution to organizing this event, THANKS TAM!) have also adopted from China, They and a couple of others we have met really helped us get on the right path to the adoption process. To learn more on their adoption click" HERE." Our Church has helped in a big way! We have a whole Church family that supports us and is praying for blessings on our adoption. Thanks Church! Our paster Andrew and his wife Shirley have also adopted , in fact they were the first couple on PEI to adopt from China! Jenny is a 12 years old beauty. She was 9 months old when they brought her home. While they were paper chasing Shirley wrote a few Christian, adoption inspired songs, one of them is called the "Jenny Song" and Jenny has offered to sing it at our benefit. ( Grab yer kleenex!) We can hardly wait to hear her. If you would like to order her CD please click "HERE" . You can listen to clips of her songs.


Julie said...


Stacy said...

How wonderful! You have such wonderful support. I'm sure the concert will be a HUGE success!

I would be happy if you added my blog to your list. I enjoy your blog. (Love the clipart for this post!) :)

I can't wait to read all about the great concert.

Dawn and Dale said...

Wow!! Wish we lived closer to come join in on the fun!!

And it's true what Stacy wrote...the support you have surrounding you is so awesome!!

Yay God!!