Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My mom's contribution to our quilt

At Easter I asked my Mom if she had an old shirt of my Dad's that I could take a peice out of for our daughters quilt ( My Dad passed away when I was only 6) She told me she didn't, which was too bad but it gave her a great idea, She decided to give us something from her and my Dad.......A peice of her wedding dress! I almost ,,,no I did cry when she told me. While we were to visit her on Mother's day she pulled out her dress and I thought it would be really sweet if my daughter tried it on, so here is Jac beside her Grammy June with the dress on. She was married in 1968 the year before I was born and in those days you didn't wear white if you weren't "Pure" lets say, and she had my brother Tom before she was married. So Mom grabbed the sissors and I almost had a nervous break down!! I said "Mom make sure you cut it from the back of the dress." then up on the counter it went, mom with sissors in hand and I had to turn around I couldn't watch as she cut into the dress.....then...she held the dress up and "BAM" there it was a gapping hole in the front of the dress!!!!!!!!!!! She twisted it on the counter away from a seam and didn't check to make sure it was the back!!! So all we could do was shake our heads and laugh at such an unfortunate event! LOL
On my quilt blog you will see the peice with a gold wedding ring on it, she also gave me their wedding band to add to the wish which reads,
" With this ring, I do pray, You will be with me in Heaven someday".
So thanks Mom and Dad for such a beautiful contribution to our daughters quilt.
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Made in China said...

That is beautiful *sniff*! What a wonderful idea. You obviously have a fantastic and thoughtful mom!

Shannon S said...

Oh, what a very thoughtful gift and so perfect to include in your daughters quilt. Really says she is truly part of your family. Thanks for sharing that story!

Stacy said...

That is such a beautiful story. I'm all teary. Thanks for sharing! Your daughter is blessed with a wonderful grandmother.

Anonymous said...
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