Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Photo update....lots of photo's!!

 Photo shoot at the old castles.
 Look out batman!
 The little ones with Old GiGi. My dad's Mom...she's still driving at 90-91!
 Cake I made for youth group birthdays.
 A visit to a sweet little hobby farm where "Arnie" the goat followed Hunny Bunch everywhere!
 Hunny Bunch getting his admittance braclet for dental surgery. He had a lot of work done. We figure his pain tollerance is pretty high since the next day he was back to normal! 5 silver caps, about a dozen filings and filed down between each tooth. He was filled with joy when he realized he could eat cold watermelon without his teeth being sensitive!
 Miss K can't get enough of Hunny Bunch.
 The munchkins.
 Local family arriving home with their new little son. Mr. E is a sweety!
 Our sprouts!
 About a hundred pics and finally got one with Miss K in it!!
 Sugar Pie's arm....see the puffy raised ring around it. Happens if she'd out in the cold and her skin is exposed. She had mittons on but snow got caught in her sleeve. Not sure what it is but it fades and goes away everytime.
 A not impressed HB about to get first 3 of 8 immunizations. He did great. Cried but once it was over he came around.
HB with his Big Jei Jei.
 The holly in my front yard, sooo pretty.
 Hicks Yew in my front yard.
 HB's ornimant from China.
 This one was for HB also. Nanfeng (where he's from) is known world wide for their beautiful seedless mandarines.
 Sugar Pie at her Christmas concert today.
 So cute!
 At this point I think she forgot some of the
Sugar and her Christmas tree.
Hunny Bunch and his Christmas tree.
 A close up without his silly faces. :P
 Striking a pose. :O)
Back to being silly. :o) Merry Christmas everyone!!!!


Kim said...

Ok you will be laughing at me .. but I am sitting here with tears in my eyes.. It is truly amazing how fast they grow up and I miss my Girl SOOOO Much .. can't wait to meet HB one day..
LOVE all the photos..
Love you guys..

Sherri said...

your photos are awesome...the kids had grown so much...beautiful, beautiful children with great smiles. Love their trees and that Holly WOW. Wish I had that growing in my yard.

Merry Christmas!!


Madeleine said...

wOw!!! The children are BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you for lettin gus into your world through pictures!

And sweet friend, I pray for you.


I pray you have an amazing Christmas. But then, you have those beauties, how could you not??!! :)

Briana's Mom said...

They are so adorable! Merry Christmas to you!!

Alyson and Ford said...

Great pictures! Love the Christmas joy!

Alyzabeth's Mommmy

Lesa said...

I just love seeing wonderful updates! Love everyone of the photos!!!!