Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fun Stuff!

The apples of my eye! We took the gang apple picking. This was a first for Hunny Bunch and he really enjoyed it!

 Sugar Pie and Hunny Bunch rolled up the money in their piggy banks to donate to the relief efforts in Somalia threw our church. I love how eager they were to help! I see a couple of short term mission trips on the horizon for these two caring souls one day!! Makes this Momma very proud!!
 The cousins on daddies side of the family. I took about 20 shot to get them all smiling at the same time!! :o)
 Sugar Pie sporting her new eye patch. She has to wear it for 2 hours a day for the next two months to see if it helps her with her strabismus. She has intermittent exotropia and mild amblyopia mostly of the left eye although it is seen a bit in her right eye also. The Orthoptist hopes this will be enough for her to regain total control of her eye. If not she may have to have surgery and we really don't want to have to o there if possible so say a little prayer for her.
 This little man melts my heart every single day.
 I made this cake for a little girls 10th birthday last week.
I made this one for a baby shower this past weekend.

Things are going well here. We are waiting on a call from the children's hospital for an appointment for Hunny Bunch to have an MRI done. Once in a while he asks if he will be all better like his sister. He also asked if she cried. :o(. He understands a lot more at 4 than I thought he would. We are also waiting for an appointment to have his four year assessment done. His immunization records are being translated now.

He's only been home for 3 1/2 months but it seems like so much longer! He has completely made this his home, he loves us and every day it shows. He is still sleeping great and speaks 100% perfect English with much more understanding that I ever thought was possible for a child here for this short of time. He talks about his Aya(foster Mom) and his YeYe(foster dad)...he loved her but thought his YeYe was cranky and bossy. He needs to be challenged and is starving for information so I started doing a preschool program with him and he's like a little sponge! He and Sugar get along marvelously. She adores him and likewise. They play so well together. Sugar had greater challenges that she faced when in China and as a result is emotionally younger than her current age. We are working with her and have allowed her to regress to get caught up on the nurturing she so desperately missed while in China. I believe
that's part of the reason they get along so well. Emotionally they are very close in age. We explained Christmas to Hunny Bunch and he is looking forward to it. He also can't wait for snow. He has seen snow in Nanfeng but only a little so he"s in for a real treat!

We had a great weekend. I celebrated my birthday Friday. Hubby wasn't home but my daughter, sister and mom took us out for Chinese food. (No I didn't make myself  cake....LOL) Hubby got home Saturday after Chinese school (we went apple picking with them too!) and he took us out for Chinese food again then for supper also!! Mom and my sister got me a backpack for my camera with all the special compartments. My hubby got me an IPad that I'm still trying to figure out. When I woak up that morning I got the kidlings up and rather than singing Happy Birthday to me they sang Jesus Loves Me and it brought me to tears. Here's to another year of being blessed by my 3 children and grandbutton! I love my family so much!!


Alyson and Ford said...

Love the photo with all the cousins! Apple picking is so much fun and all the baking with them too. Happy Belated Birthday!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Julie said...

A fantastic update!

Happy belated birthday1

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

wow, life is so good!


PS. I can't believe your granddaughter is 3!