Monday, September 26, 2011

End of Summer and Celebrations Pt. 2

Snowbirds! Hunny Bunch LOVES his airplanes!
Hubby's cake...He likes the buttercream better than fondant.
Hunny Bunch at his first dentist appointment! He was a little apprehensive going in but ended up doing great!
Just a random shot of our little man deep in thought. Such a cutie!!
Sugar Pie finally learned to swing herself!
Cooling off in the pool!
Sandbox fun!

A very happy, confidant, cool and eager little girl on her first day of school!
Kept asking how long before the bus comes.
The poor little dear got cold feet at the bus stop and we had to drive here to school. This was the look I got when I tried to get her to smile for me in the class room....I knew by the look on her face this wasn't going to work in our was a little overwhelming for her. When I tried to leave she wouldn't have it so I brought her home. The next day she was fine and she finished off the week. The next 2 Mondays were a replay of the first day but she did ok for the rest of the week. Today was her first Monday that she went without a hassle at all. She doesn't deal well with changes...throws her off but she's getting so much better at processing them. Big leap forward!
Made 2 dozen cupcakes for a babyshower. This was a farm animal theme. I used my new cricut cartridge for cupcake wrappers on this one.
Angry Bird cake for a little guys birthday. His request to his mom was that there was lots of fondant on it. I believe I delivered!
Last little swim in the pool.
I can't believe we're at the end of September almost...where is the time going? Hunny Bunch has almost been home for 3 months!


Sherri said...

Wow, your children have grown over the summer, as all do. And it just amazing me how fast they do grow. Awesome pictures and those cakes? My gosh, just beautiful!

I'm so glad fall is here...just slightly cooler nights, makes for great sleeping weather.

Cora said...

Oh they are getting too big! Love all the pictures, hope you have a wonderful and fun filled fall!