Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Momma's New Toy and Reno's

I'm hoping this will make our trip a little easier on Daddy's shoulders and my arms this time around!

I converted "Sugar Pie's" old room into "Hunny Bunch's" room. So I didn't bother with a before picture.

This was the before pic of our bedroom. I told hubby I wanted to turn it into a room that he would find relaxing and comfortable when he came home from a long week of work. I didn't take pictures of our dressers because they were well...an embarrassment. ;O). Now the rule is that we are NOT allowed to bring anything from work into this room. This yellow was not a very relaxing color to say the least.
I wouldn't have thought grey when I went to the paint store but after talking to a few of the people who worked there I decided it was the color I NEEDED in our room. Calm, clean and cozy.
This was the silk set we bought when we were in China. I put it away cause I was afraid we would ruin it....then I thought one day I would be old and grey and wishing I would have enjoyed this set while I could....kinda like that candle you have sitting on your shelf over there you think is too pretty to burn....or the perfume you only use for special occasions....I don't want my perfume to go rancid anymore and heck I'm burning those candles too. ;O).

Below is the activity room, I added shelves and Sugar has her trampoline down there and a TON of toys. We spend lots of leisure time down here and the color was getting so dark and dreary that I started to not enjoy going to this dark room. I thought it needed some color to lighten and brighten it so we went with the color below and the room is alive again!

We have another project on the go in the back part of the basement. I've done some deep cleaning in almost every room upstairs. Cleaned out cupboards, drawers, closets ect. I even went to the storage room and cleaned out the storage bins. Getting rid of things that I knew we wouldn't need again. I also have each bin labeled and stacked neatly so when I go into it I know exactly where to go for something. I LOVE FEELING ORGANIZED! I think this nesting thing is wonderful! Not only does my house feel clean and organized but I feel like my head is clear and I am not feeling overwhelmed. Truly good for the soul!


Cora said...

Love the rooms they look great! You will enjoy that stroller! I always imagined pushing one of those one day but life goes to unexpected places and you just never know.

The Drinkwaters said...

Love all the changes you have made with paint colors.

Sherri said...

just beautiful...love the colors!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Love the bedspread! REALLY LOVE IT!

Would you come and get me organized?


3D said...

Love the colour choices and new toy!!

Keep smilin!

Lesa said...

I love all of the changes...just wish I could get compelled to do the same. I want to, but just can't get moving on things. ARG! Maybe I need to go back to China...lol
Where did you find your ribbon spool holders you have? I so need some of those and wish I had some for wrapping paper too.