Thursday, November 04, 2010


Sugar Pie Spark stepped up tonight and got her pins and badges. She was so excited!
It was pretty cute to see her running to receive the honor. The excitement shows a little...don't cha think? ;O)
Halloween night Miss K came over to see Nana, Papa and Sugar Pie. I laughed when I caught this shot...too cute. These tow little ones are such happy little ones.

Bailey Bo Baggins and my sweet Pan girl. Bailey turns 12 this month. He has lost his hearing and his eyes a getting pretty bad. Not to mention his heart is weak. I figured since I had the opportunity I'd better take a pic of Pan with her doggie. Not sure how long he has left but so far he outlived what the vet said by about 1 1/2 years.
Minnie Mouse! So Cute! She got to dress up 3 times this year! Once for our local adoption group, once for Chinese school then Halloween night while she helped hand out treats. We didn't take her out this year...we'll wait until she better understands. We have a pretty good sleeping routine and I will forfeit trick or treating to keep her on's truly an act of kindness. She's not a big treat eater anyway, and she loved handing out treats.

Look Snow White has 2 mommy's! Daddy was a great sport at the Chinese school Halloween party.
A cake I made for a little one's birthday. It was fun. I love the color combo.

I bought this pumpkin muffin pan and the muffins are adorable!

Went to Halifax with Daddy when he had to work last week and I got in touch with a cousin of mine who I've been in touch with on FB but I haven't seen in 10 or more years. It was so nice to spend some time with her. Love you Leena May!

Sugar Pie and I waiting to stuff her little brothers teddy bear for Christmas at Build-a-Bear. She had to do a sweet little heart ceremony before it went into the monkey. At one point the store clerk told her to rub it on her side so her little brother would always know she was at his side and then she kissed the heart...I was cool til about right then...and I got teary eyed. This little boy of ours is going to be so blessed by his big sister! Can't wait to get Honey Bunch home!
While we are on the topic...we are stuck in wait mode...for one more document to complete our home study. We got our local member of parliament to send a formal letter to the commissioner to put a rush on but haven't heard anything back yet. We are now 3 weeks off our original projection so we hope ministry approval will happen fast then we can send our dossier to have translated then back to our province then to China. Hopeful this can all happen would be wonderful to get a referral by Christmas!
I started a blog but I plan on moving it or at least changing it but it will bring you up to date from the beginning of our paper chase in August. This is it HERE.
Have a great weekend everyone!!!!


Kim said...

That is so great, what agency are you guys using? Our paperwork should be in China by December I guess? It is at FOI as we speak and is sent back to the NB government for a few weeks then sent to China. What age are you adopting?

Janet said...

How on earth do you make those cakes? Did you take a course or something? they are AMAZING.

I can't believe you are doing all the paperwork again....YEAH! I hope you get your referral by Christmas too!

Kim said...

We are also going with the Waiting Child Program and have requested a girl under the age of 2 at the time of referral.
That would be awesome, definitely don't hesitate to contact me if you are heading this way. I have been anxious to meet families that have been through this process. Haven't had much luck. TTYS